Latest "Gay" & Christian news on Whatcott & prayer request

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Latest "Gay" & Christian news on Whatcott & prayer request

Postby Bill Whatcott » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:36 pm

Already fined by the Supreme Court of Canada and now facing a class action lawsuit for sneaking into Toronto Pride, Bill Whatcott prepares for his next tour. Nathaniel Christopher
/ Daily Xtra

Inside an anti-gay fake condom packing party
Bill Whatcott still packing ‘gospel condoms’ as lawsuit looms
Published on Mon, Oct 24, 2016 8:00 pm.
Nathaniel Christopher ... rty-208862

When Canada’s most infamous anti-gay crusader invited me for lunch, I hesitated to say yes.

“Me and some friends are making gospel condoms,” says Bill Whatcott, referring to the anti-gay leaflets disguised as condoms that he and his followers distribute at Pride events and university campuses across Canada.

“You obviously don’t have to participate, but you can enjoy the food and interesting folks,” he tells me. “I can pick you up at 12pm and take you back by 4pm.”

I don’t relish the idea of spending my Saturday with a group of people who spread inaccurate and harmful messages about sexual orientation and gender. But then again, this backstage pass may offer a hint of insight.

Despite our differences, Whatcott has always treated me with respect when I’ve interviewed him in the past and he assures me that his friends will do the same.

“I can’t turn that offer down,” I tell him.

So on Sept 24, 2016, he drives me and one of his supporters, a friend he met at an East Vancouver church, to the home of a pastor in Delta who has agreed to host the gospel-condom-making event.

Our destination is a spacious but modest suburban ranch style house on a quiet side street, about an hour south of Vancouver. I am welcome to observe the meeting on the condition that I do not identify the participants.

Whatcott is currently facing a $104-million class action lawsuit. Toronto lawyer Douglas Elliott filed the lawsuit in August 2016 after Whatcott and a group of his friends disguised themselves as “marijuana-loving gay zombies” and infiltrated the Toronto Pride parade in order to distribute more than 3,000 of their fake-condom leaflets.

Bill Whatcott and friends pulled on green bodysuits and pretended to be marijuana-loving gay zombies at Toronto Pride.
Bill Whatcott

It’s not the first lawsuit Whatcott’s ever faced. In 2013, after several rounds in lower courts and tribunals, the Supreme Court of Canada found him guilty of hate speech for pamphlets he distributed in Saskatchewan, and fined him $7,500.

That didn’t stop him from sneaking into the Vancouver Pride parade a year later, where he and his supporters pretended to be members of the fictitious Calgary Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to distribute fake condoms filled with anti-gay leaflets there.

Whatcott subsequently left Canada to join his wife in the Philippines, only to return less than a year later after he went bankrupt and got sick — “Canada’s socialist healthcare wooed me back,” he told me in July.

Elliott is now seeking a court injunction to prevent Whatcott and his associates from crashing anymore Pride parades in Canada. He also wants the court to compel Whatcott to reveal the identities of his supporters.

“I’m the public face and name for this movement,” Whatcott says, as he lays out his fake-condom-making gear on the dining room table in Delta. “These people never signed up for that.”

As an evangelical Christian, Whatcott devotes much of his time and money to his anti-gay activism. On this particular weekend, he and his followers will produce more “gospel condoms,” as he calls them, to distribute during his upcoming three-city “Born Again that Way” tour.

This time, he promises to crusade openly as a “born-again-this-way” heterosexual Christian.

He says he hopes to educate students about the lawsuit he’s facing, and his concerns about its implications for religious freedom and freedom of speech.

Bill Whatcott and friends snuck into Vancouver Pride under a fake banner to distribute anti-gay leaflets in 2014.

Whatcott’s friend, a government employee, tells me he’s worried that public disclosure of his name and association with Whatcott would put his employment in jeopardy.

Likewise, the pastor, who is a minister in a local mainline church, says he wants to spare his wife and son any negative reprisals associated with his support of Whatcott’s activism.

“Many believers secretly believe these things but won’t say it out loud because they won’t be popular,” he says. He compares Whatcott to Old Testament prophets from the Bible who were often ignored, mocked and persecuted for their message.

“There’s nothing wrong with what [Whatcott] says as far as I can see from a theological view,” he says. “He’s not politically correct and he’s not with the times but I think that eventually in the future people will realize that he is correct.”

The pastor says that he does not provide Whatcott with financial support but offers to help in other ways, like turning his dining room into what Whatcott calls a gospel condom assembly line.

Hot off the assembly line: an anti-gay leaflet disguised as a condom.
Nathaniel Christopher/Daily Xtra

Around the dinner table Whatcott’s three assistants focus quietly, for the most part, on packaging their anti-gay leaflets to look like condoms. One man mentions the recent death of his parents, then matter-of-factly tells me that they are “in a warm place” since they failed to find God and be saved.

Whatcott folds the pamphlets while the pastor methodically measures and cuts a red plastic table cover into four by eight inch squares.

The pastor’s elderly father then helps seal the plastic squares into baggies, with the aid of two industrial heat sealers that Whatcott bought on Craigslist.

“The first time I did this, I had an army of Christians with home meat sealers that people use to vacuum seal elk,” Whatcott explains, “and those were slow so I started thinking there must be something better.

“So then I went onto Google and put in ‘meat sealer commercial’ and this thing turned up in the search engine. Praise God for that.”

Whatcott had initially planned to bike 100km to a business in Agassiz, BC, to retrieve the heat sealers.

“They were just trying to get rid of them and I didn’t own a car at the time because that’s when I went bankrupt after the gay activists boycotted my carpet-cleaning business and got it shut down,” he explains.

“So I was going to bicycle to Agassiz and then my dad said, ‘I don’t want my crazy son to get killed on the highway.’ So he went and drove and picked it up for me. I love my dad even if we don’t always agree on everything. I’ve got to be grateful for my dad.”

As the assembly progresses, Whatcott’s cell phone suddenly rings. It’s Kari Simpson, the conservative activist based in Langley, BC, whose many initiatives include opposing anti-homophobia programs in schools.

Simpson quickly gets to the point: she’s calling to denounce the lawsuit and offer Whatcott her support.

“She would have joined the gospel condom party if I had thought to call and invite her,” Whatcott tells me, after thanking Simpson for her support and ending the call.

With the fake condoms sealed by an industrial heat sealer, Whatcott adds his special stamp.
Nathaniel Christopher/Daily Xtra

After the baggies are sealed, Whatcott stamps them with a custom rubber stamp that reads: “zombie safe sex $5.”

The gospel condoms will be distributed for free, but Whatcott says the $5 price tag prevents people from throwing them in the garbage.

“It’s kind of like if you’ve ever seen those $1,000 bill gospel things,” he says. “They kind of look like real money when they are folded and people open them up and get the Gospel.”

He says his primary objective is to share the Gospel with as many people as possible — even if it means that he has to engage in deceptive behaviour.

“The Lord has wired my synapses a little different than most people,” Whatcott says, “and I spend a lot of time thinking how can I bring the Gospel to gay parades and counter the homosexual agenda in Canada.”

“Do you really think this is a productive way to spend your Saturday afternoon?” I ask.

“This is a productive use of my entire life,” he replies. “Absolutely. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Why would I be sitting watching a baseball game when I could be doing this?”

“I spend thousands on this,” he says. “If I stayed in nursing I would have had a house, an RV and a paid-off car. People say I’m strange but it’s strange people who make history.”
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Re: Latest "Gay" & Christian news on Whatcott

Postby Bill Whatcott » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:45 pm

Tennessee's News.... Truth Revealed & Defended

Canadian Paradise: Only for Homosexual Thugs, Not for Christians
Posted on September 3, 2016
Mike in Christian Political Stewardship ... hristians/

As far as Christians are concerned, free speech is an endangered species in Canada. Prominent homosexual activists Christopher Hudspeth and George Smitherman, a former Liberal Deputy Premier, have filed a $104-million class action lawsuit against Christian activist Bill Whatcott for infiltrating the 2016 Toronto gay pride parade while he and his Christian friends were dressed as “gay zombies” in green suits to distribute leaflets which graphically warned about the health dangers of homosexual sex and accused socialist politicians of being in cahoots with the gay agenda.

They are suing Whatcott for mental distress on behalf of Toronto’s entire gay community and for libel against various socialist leaders including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The allegations of “mental distress” are comical, because the vast majority of gay parade’s over one million participants never came into contact with Whatcott.

Danielle McLaughlin, former Education Director at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, who herself marched at the gay parade and describes Whatcott as a “homophobic sexist”, couldn’t help mocking the homosexual activists who are suing him:

“Really? What kind of damage have they suffered as a result of Whatcott’s flyers? Has former Ontario deputy premier George Smitherman, one of the lead plaintiffs, lost status in the community because of Whatcott’s flyers? Did the Prime Minister have to go into hiding because of the publications (or did he march in two subsequent Pride parades?) Did my LGBTQ family members and friends experience pain and suffering as a result of Whatcott’s words? Not that I noticed or heard about.”

Their class action lawsuit may seem ridiculous, but Hudspeth and Smitherman know exactly what they are doing. This is a fear campaign, intended to silence all Christian activists and journalists who may be critical of the gay agenda. The demand for $104 million is meant to show just how giant the plaintiffs’ boxing gloves are, threatening financial ruin to all those who dare squeak in opposition.

Whatcott, with other Christians, had paid the $100 fee to the Toronto Gay Pride Parade organizers to register their invented “Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association” so that they could move more easily along the parade route to distribute a pamphlet that showed graphic images of diseases associated with same-sex behaviors, including anal warts and AIDS.

The pamphlet was not forced on homosexuals.

“I asked them if they wanted ‘Zombie safe sex,’” Whatcott told LifeSiteNews at the time. “Everyone loved it. But, if you try to give out a Gospel pamphlet, they swear at you and throw slushies on your forehead. But, give them some wackadoddle thing that looks like a condom, and they really can’t grab it fast enough. I had three thousand out in 20 minutes,” he said.

One part of the pamphlet stated: “Natural law is clear, homosexuality is incompatible with human nature. Disease, death and confusion are the sad and sordid realities of the homosexual lifestyle. The ‘Gay Zombies’ are concerned about the spiritual, psychological and physical welfare of all potential homosexual pride attendees, so we want to give you this accurate information and encourage you to abstain from the homosexuality.”

Whatcott said that the goal of his “Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association” in participating in the gay parade was twofold: First, to be a prophetic and unambiguous witness against the unfettered celebration of homosexuality, and second, to offer people caught up in the same-sex lifestyle a way out through a call to repent and to turn to Jesus Christ to be saved.”

Whatcott knows homosexuality very well. In his 2014 autobiography Born in a Graveyard, Whatcott reveals his experience of not only being raped by another male in prison, but of selling himself to a man to pay for his drug addiction. Whatcott makes it clear that his activism is inspired by his concern for others — based on his past of involvement in homosexuality.

Whatcott has become famous for his creative ways to give the Gospel to homosexual sinners. In 2014 he marched in the Vancouver Gay Pride Parade as a member of a church he invented: The Calgary Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. There, he distributed pamphlets.

In 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada found Whatcott guilty of so-called “hate speech” for distributing flyers in Saskatchewan in 2001-02 that criticized homosexual practices.

Canada is a “developed” nation that fully guarantees unilateral free speech to anti-Christians. In fact, anti-Christians — especially homosexualists and Muslims — are entitled to verbal and legal aggression against Christians. Canada is truly a “developed” infernal paradise.

In the “developed” Canada, if you offer the Gospel, they swear at you. But if you offer a pamphlet about kinky zombie sex and cannabis, they love!

Bill Whatcott’s case is being used by the Canadian homosexual activism to frighten Christians into hiding themselves in the closet and hiding their Christian testimony about the physical, moral, spiritual and mental hopelessness of the homosexual behavior and the only ultimate answer: Jesus Christ.

With information from LifeSiteNews and Mercatornet.
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Re: Latest "Gay" & Christian news on Whatcott

Postby Bill Whatcott » Thu Oct 27, 2016 12:19 am

Dear Friends,

Please continue to pray for my Human Rights Complaint that I filed against the Regina Leader Post for discriminating against socially conservative Christians back in 2014. I talked with Robin Burlingham an Investigator for the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. The case was put on hold until the Hugh Owens case was resolved. Hugh Owens was a Christian who liked putting Bible verses critical of homosexuality in the newspaper during homosexual pride week year after year. In 2014 the paper refused to print his ad even though a human rights tribunal ruled his Bible verses were fine 20 years ago. Unfortunately Hugh lost his case this year: ... dvertising

However, I pointed out to Robin the chronic rejection of my ads differ from Hugh's case as my ads were an advertisment for actual conferences and the ads themselves didn't even make any statements critical of homoexuality. I also noted the paper turned down an SPLA (Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association) ad that I tried to purchase on their behalf a 6 months earlier.

We were not trying to make political statements through the paper. We were trying to advertise our conferences and for better or worse the newspaper has the monopoly on newspaper advertising as they are the only newpaper in Regina and it is very limiting when they run our opponent's ads for all sorts of things and reject our ads out of hand.

Here is the ad the Leader Post rejected in April 2014 ... g=h.gjdgxs

Here is the ad the Leader Post rejected in October and my human rights compaint: ... oct-8-2014

Given that major media outlets like Post Media have enough reach that they can influence elections and public policy debates pray that they have at least some accountability in how they treat religious minorities. Robin asked me my thoughts on whether my ads might cause a Leader Post employee to feel uncomfortable. Aside from the fact that both ads are fairly innocuous and are something normal adults should be capable of dealing with, I pointed out the owner of Jenny's Bridal Boutique was very uncomfortable with a biological man who presented as a transgender female changing in her woman's change room and her personal feelings didn't give her a defense when she was prosecuted for refusing service to the transgender. I also pointed out the transgender could have found another bridal boutique, as to where the Leader Post is the only game in town when it comes to newspaper advertising for conferences.

Pray for justice to be done in this matter and that maybe even in this dark hour Christians will be able to receive some justice.....

"For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart."
Hebrews 4:12
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