Whatcott applies to march in the 2017 Toronto Pride Parade

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Will Bill Whatcott be allowed to march as an out of the closet Christian man in the pride parade?

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Whatcott applies to march in the 2017 Toronto Pride Parade

Postby Bill Whatcott » Wed Feb 01, 2017 4:50 am

CP 24 News, Douglas Elliott refuses to accept Bill Whatcott in the tax funded Toronto homosexual pride parade and announces a $104 million lawsuit against him and his friends

Dear Friends,

I am now getting ready to board my long flight back to Canada from the Philippines. Please pray for my travel mercies. Also please pray for, share and if possible participate in this initiative that is being launched by concerned Christians in Ontario (I am not able to participate, but I do support those who cared enough to put this witness together).

Demonstration against $104 million lawsuit in front of Osgoode Hall!
Wednesday, February 8 and Thursday, February 9, 2017 from 9 - 10 am
Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON
The trial will be from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm both days and the hearing will apparently be taking place in the Osgoode Hall Courtroom

10,000 flyers containing a defense of Christian liberty and the editorial cartoon "Trudeau's Chopper of Rights" will be delivered between February 5 - 10. I believe the street preacher is looking for volunteers for this work. The excellent editorial cartoon can be seen here: http://www.billwhatcott.com

If you would like more information on the above prophetic witnesses please call me at (306) 861-6140 or e-mail me at:
billwhatcott @ gmail.com

Now finally, please pray for my newest application to march in the Toronto homosexual pride parade. Seeing as it is a tax funded event with a long history of excluding Christians and spreading hateful messages about them, please pray that they have a change of heart and that they will be willing to take a stand against homofascism and Christianphobia and welcome me into their 2017 parade as an openly heterosexual, Bible believing, Christian man.

In Christ's Service
Bill Whatcott


Dear Pride Toronto,
55 Berkeley Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2W5
Phone 416-927-7433
Email office@pridetoronto.com

I am respectfully requesting an application to march in the 2017 Toronto homosexual pride parade as "Bill Whatcott" a redeemed and openly heterosexual, conservative Christian, who is proud of his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Marching in the Toronto Homosexual Pride Parade would help me come out of the closet and openly proclaim what the Word of God teaches about sexuality and marriage.

"Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh?"
Matthew 19:4,5

As you are well aware, I have participated in four homosexual pride parades. The first one was the 2002 homosexual pride parade in Regina, SK. I was the parade's first (albeit uninvited) guest speaker. I led the parade with a large 5 X 4 foot sign that read "Bare Bottomed Pitifuls are Celebrating Buggery in Regina! God Help Us!" Seeing as I was one of the first marchers onto the legislature grounds and the podium was already set up with the mike on, and seeing as it was empty, I decided to make use of it and I delivered a short sermon to the 400 unrepentant homosexuals and lesbians marching onto the legislature grounds, letting them know they had to turn to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and repent of their unGodly pride if they wished to receive God's gift of eternal life.

Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

Now I note back in 2002, the homosexual pride participants did not accept me when I led their parade (albeit uninvited) as an openly heterosexual Christian man. I note for almost the entire duration of the parade route a gaggle of lesbians blasted me with whistles, a big homosexual on roller blades body checked me and tried (unsuccessfully) to put my face into the pavement, and spectators threw various types of projectiles at me.

Because I was deeply triggered by this lack of acceptance at the Regina Pride Parade, I contented myself with delivering hundreds of thousands of flyers containing good news (homosexuals can be redeemed) and bad news (homosexuals who refuse to repent of their sinful lifestyle will be eternally separated from God) and I also distributed much needed accurate medical information on the harm related to the homosexual lifestyle. I noted the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal refused to accept me as an openly heterosexual Christian man, speaking the truth about homosexuality, and they fined me $17,500 and gave me a lifetime ban prohibiting me from speaking about this important topic anymore.

Now I know I can be a little bit stubborn sometimes and quite a number of people, including my own mother told me after I was discriminated against by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal and fined $17,500, that it was time for me to shut my mouth and find another gig.

But then I received this inspirational quote from our esteemed dear leader Prime Minister Selfie Zoolander! :happy:

He's the leader who always says smart things:

"My idea of freedom is that we should protect the rights of people to believe what their conscience dictates, but fight equally hard to protect people from having the beliefs of others imposed upon them." Justin Trudeau

Yes, Selfie helped me to see the light, that it was my duty to fight against politically powerful and intolerant homosexual activists imposing their beliefs on vulnerable and politically disenfranchised Christians. So with Selfie's inspirational quote in mind I embraced my civic duty to run for Mayor of Edmonton and indeed I reached out to Edmonton's homosexual community by launching my election campaign at the 2007 Edmonton Homosexual Pride Parade, right behind the Mayor's Cadillac convertible in fact.

Now I note that during my electioneering on the parade route the homosexuals marching in the parade and the spectators on the sidelines refused to accept me as I really am. In fact multiple slurpees and other projectiles were hurled my way with some of them almost hitting the Mayor Stephen Mandel and the homosexual city councillor Michael Phair who was sitting beside the Mayor on top of the Cadillac. The Cadillac started speeding up in an effort to get away from me. In fact both me and my election manager were forced to start running to keep up to the Cadillac while slurpees and other projectiles were hurled our way and one slurpee exploded off the back of my head.

Anyways, the Mayor and homosexual city counsellor (who was all decked out in pink) couldn't go too fast, so with some serious effort we managed on running and keeping up to the Cadillac, all the while waving our Bible based election signs, preaching the Gospel, ducking slurpees, and exhorting homosexuals to vote Bill Whatcott.... Me and the Mayor finished the parade route two blocks ahead of the rest of the parade and we had to wait nearly 5 minutes for the rest of the parade to catch up to us. I note during this time the Mayor refused to talk to me or even shake my hand and security guards had to prevent a deranged parade participant from beating me up.

Worse yet, the homosexuals didn't vote for me on election day and Edmonton passed up a golden opportunity to bring God back to City Hall. Instead of choosing a sensible, openly Christian man, like myself, they chose intolerance and voted for Stephen Mandel, a deficit spending, homosexual activist mayor instead. Now the city is mired in debt, tax funded "gay" art, and the taxpayers are paying for a completely unnecessary homosexual pride parade.

Now quite understandably I was triggered again, and I came to believe publicly funded homosexual pride parades are not safe and welcoming environments for Christians who correctly believe homosexuality is a sin.

So in 2014 I was forced to resort to subterfuge in order to express my Biblical beliefs and feel accepted at homosexual pride parades. To that end I started a fake gay cult called the Calgary Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, donned pink hair, and filled out an application under the fake name Matthew Davidson who posed as the fake gay cult leader. Instantaneously, I was accepted! I was able to hand out accurate, Biblical literature on the dangers of homosexuality (my literature was disguised as condoms) and homosexual activists cheered me on and hugged me all the way while I did it. In fact one homosexual NDP politician, Spencer Chandra Herbert posed with me and did a photo op towards the end of my very peaceful literature distribution and when police were called in to investigate my wholesome Gospel flyers disguised as Godless condoms, I was delighted to do a photo op with one of the unsuspecting police officers too!

I noted that closeting my Christian faith and posing as a gay cult leader worked! I was able to distribute literature and evangelize the parade without being subjected to hate speech or violence from intolerant and hateful homosexual activists.

So with the above in mind I started a new fake group called the Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association and invented another fake persona for myself. This time I was the drug addicted "highsexual" (I claimed my sexual orientation changed whenever I smoked pot), and I named myself Robert Clinton. In 2016 I applied for a Toronto Pride Parade permit while posing as a gay zombie and I was accepted! It is indisputable; homosexual pride parades reject people who identify as Bible believing Christians, but identifying as a pot head, highsexual, zombie got me near instantaneous acceptance from the Toronto Pride Committee! You guys, gals, hirs, zes and whatever else you identify as, accepted me with open arms when you thought I was a zombie!

While I was triggered by tax funded Christianphobic messaging in your parade (I saw one leatherman with an image of Jesus Christ on his crotch), by disguising myself as a pot smoking, gay zombie, I was able to do photo ops with your security, police and leathermen and be totally accepted while distributing 3,000 Zombie Safe Sex packages (no condoms, all Gospel) to the parade participants.

When the parade was over I was triggered with hundreds of hateful e-mails and telephone calls swearing at me, calling me names and threatening me. I also noted several intolerant homosexuals launched a rather curious protest of mass mailing me pictures of their genitalia. Still, at least during the parade I was accepted and able to share (covertly) a redemptive and truthful Gospel message with homosexuals who desperately need the truth. At this point I will ask the Pride Committee to not judge my subterfuge to enter the parade, I did it because I am "Born again that way."

Now sadly, homosexual activist lawyer Douglas Elliott is launching a $104 million class action lawsuit against me on behalf of homosexual activists Christopher Hudspeth, George Smitherman, Prime Minister Selfie Zoolander, Premier Kathleen Wynne, The Liberal Party, and everyone at the parade who was allegedly harmed and defamed by my truthful and redemptive Gospel packages disguised as "zombie safe sex" packages.

Aside from Hudspeth getting it wrong on how many times I lied to get into a homosexual parade (I lied twice, not three
times) pray1, it appears he and his homosexual activist legal team are resorting to rather ruthless tactics and intend on sledge hammering me, destroying the lives of everyone who ever helped me, and they want to make sure I never sneak into another homosexual pride parade again.

"This is the third pride parade that Whatcott has lied his way into, in order to advance this hateful and disgusting message, I plan to see this is the last time he gets away with it."
Christopher Hudspeth, Homosexual activist and $104 million litigant against Bill Whatcott

So, it seems I can no longer feel safe sneaking into your parade and sharing the Gospel while disguised as a gay, pot smoking, zombie, or while identifying as a gay, flying spaghetti monster, cult leader. Seeing as homosexual activists like Elliott, Hudspeth, Smitherman and the Liberal Party are saintly types who are so outraged at my indiscretion to enter your parade while triggered and closeted that they are suing me for $104 million dollars, I would like to humbly request you provide me with a parade permit for the 2017 Toronto Pride Parade. I would like to come out and march as an open, heterosexual, Bible believing, Christian man; in obedience to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's command to:

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations," Matthew 28:19

Indeed, I am convinced this missionary command pertains to not only straight Canada, but to Sodom Canada as well. If I could be accepted as I really am and welcomed into your parade so I can be an out and proud (of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ) "Born again that way" Christian, I would be very grateful.

In Christ's Service
Bill Whatcott
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