$104 milion class action decision against Whatcott released

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$104 milion class action decision against Whatcott released

Postby Bill Whatcott » Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:27 am

Dear Friends,

Image _ _ removed at request of my lawyers _ _
A young boy being exposed to sodomite nudists and sodomasichists at the 2016 Toronto homosexual shame parade (picture left). The Liberal Party contingent of the homosexual shame parade marched past the boy and the naked homosexuals shortly after Black Lives Matter successfully extorted the parade for money and affirmative action jobs and moved out of the way so everyone could march. Justice Paul Perell (picture right) adjudicated the $104 million class action lawsuit against Bill Whatcott launched by vengeful homosexuals who were mad that Bill and his "Blessed by God, crack Christian commandos" successfully infiltrated their tax funded celebration of buggery, sodomasichism, polyamory and all other manner of perversity parade and shared the Gospel with thousands of participants while disguised as gay zombies. Perell strangely threw out the class action lawsuit and correctly criticized the homosexuals for engaging in "hate speech" against Whatcott both in their factum and during their press conference. Perell incorrectly claimed Bill's side was also intemperate and inflammatory when conducting their defense. It seems Perell was in that quintessentially Canadian, politically correct, but disingenuous fashion, attempting to make a false moral equivalence between Bill and his lawyer's excellent behaviour and the obviously bad behaviour of the homosexual side. With sexual libertines firmly entrenched in all levels of government it seems judges believe they can't criticize homosexual activists in Canada and give deference to Christians (even if the Christians deserve it), if the judge hopes to get a future promotion.

In his judgment Perrel gave the homosexual activists free legal advice on how to "correctly" sue Whatcott for defamation, decided without a trial Whatcott's "zombie" flyer was likely hate speech that had no legal protection, ordered Whatcott to give the names of his zombies and supporters within 25 days, and said while the government can't sue citizens for defamation, members of the governing Liberal Party can sue Whatcott in their private capacity if they think his flyer articulating their party's sordid history of homosexual activism and tolerating sexual abuse of Canada's children tarnished their not very good names.

Image _ _ Image
Homofascist lawyer Douglas Elliot kisses radical homosexual activist George Hislop on the lips during a 2005 International Gay and Lesbian Conference on Toronto Island (picture left). Homosexual activist litigant and "gay" bar owner Christopher Hudspeth said during the Parliament Hill press conference where the $104 million class action lawsuit was announced, "as a long time gay activist I am outraged a notorious homophobe infiltrated our parade to spread his lies and distribute his pamphlets." Furthermore Hudspeth called suing Whatcott and his supporters for $104 million dollars "carrying on George's tradition." (Hudspeth was referring to George Hislop the man being kissed by Elliot). George Smitherman asserted Whatcott and his zombies "regurgitated the most untruthful and disgusting stereotypes of gay people" and Smitherman said he is proud to partner with Elliot and Hudspeth to "stamp this hateful individual out." During the two day hearing in February Elliot accused Whatcott of making false and defamatory statements in reference to homosexual people. Anal cancer (picture right). Anal cancer use to be very rare, but with the mainstreaming of sodomy anal cancer is becoming more common. "Some types of HPV can cause genital and anal warts and some can lead to the development of anal and oral cancers. Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men are 17 times more likely to get anal cancer than heterosexual men. Men who are HIV-positive are even more likely than those who do not have HIV to get anal cancer."
Center for Disease Control https://www.cdc.gov/msmhealth/std.htm

The truth is while Canada's courts call Bill Whatcott's flyers "hate speech" and claim they have no merit in the public debate and homosexual activist lawyers like Elliot accuse Bill Whatcott of lying and defamation, the truth is Bill is speaking a hard truth that makes the unrepentant uncomfortable. When it comes to arguing there is evidence of an increased tolerance of pederasty in the homosexual subculture and sexually transmitted diseases are rampant amongst practicing homosexuals and that these facts are sound reasons to question the wisdom of the Canadian government's and media's promotion of homosexuality, Bill is speaking the truth.

Studies that are not corrupted by pro-homosexual bias will find a greater acceptance of pederasty amongst homosexuals than the general population:
https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/posit ... of-homosex

"This is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed."
John 3:19,20

To read Justice Perell's judgment dismissing the class action lawsuit then giving Bill's supporters 20 days to identify themselves and then Bill Whatcott 25 days to turn them in go here:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Ol-X ... sp=sharing

To read the homofascist factum go here:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Ol-X ... sp=sharing

To read the Whatcott factum go here:
https://www.luminpdf.com/viewer/QvaAHg3 ... 2491682cca

To see the "Zombie Safe Sex Package" that Elliot thinks is worth $104 million in damages, that he called criminal code hate speech, called defamation, but that no court ruled to be as such, and whose facts and assertions can be easily ascertained through various media outlets and the Center for Disease Control go here:

Front of flyer: Removed again as per lawyer's request
Back of flyer: Removed again as per lawyer's request

Well folks,

Having read Perell's judgment that I actually find kind of dreadful and schizophrenic, though one would think I would have won; the class action being thrown out in its entirety after all, and having prayed, having talked with some of my supporters, my Pastor, and my counsel, I won't be disclosing any identities and there is no paper trail, banking trail, or internet trail, of who my supporters are either.

"For example in order to participate in the parade you have to pay a $100 fee, well Mr. Whatcott is not a very nice man but he is also not a very smart man because he paid for the fee not in cash which is what a smart bad person would do but he paid for it using Paypal, ehh and so we will be able to get an order requiring Paypal to disclose whose credit card was actually used and obviously if Mr. Whatcott is bankrupt it wasn't his credit card it was someone else's credit card and whoever loaned their credit card to Mr. Whatcott may find that $100 gift to help him spread hate may end up costing them $100 million."
Doug Elliot, Parliament Hill press conference, talking about the untraceable Visa gift card Bill used to pay for the entry fee into the Toronto homosexual shame parade

My counsel Dr. Lugosi believes there could be serious repercussions for me, including prolonged jail time if I don't comply with the order to disclose the names of my supporters.

Generally, Christians should comply with secular courts, but not when complying harms the innocent or when the order is unjust in the eyes of God.

We must obey God rather than men."
Acts 5:29

"We are going to go after everyone who helped him, every person, every church, every nonprofit organization, everyone who helped this wicked man promote his hatred is going to be held accountable."
Doug Elliot, Parliament Hill Press Conference announcing $104 million lawsuit and his intention to destory the lives of Whatcott's supporters

"I have attended every gay pride parade since 1986..... I have seen it always and described it always as the place where the loving embrace is there for the entire rainbow family."
George Smitherman, Former Deputy Premier Ontario, class representative for the Liberal Party in $104 million lawsuit aganst Bill Whatcott

Notwithstanding Whatcott's counsel pointing out the criminal activity that goes on in the Toronto Pride parade, including public sex acts and nudity in front of children, Perell was silent in his judgment regarding these troubling practices at the tax funded event.

"It is lamentable that the Plaintiffs have pleaded and argued in the fashion that they did and that they are making a public spectacle of their antipathy to Mr. Whatcott and what he stands for, but I cannot conclude that their proposed class action is an abuse of process. Messrs. Hudspeth’s and Smitherman’s Statement of Claim reveals a genuine grievance and possible civil wrongs perpetrated by Mr. Whatcott that are worthy of the court’s attention. And as I shall explain below, individual members of the Marchers, the Liberal Subclass, and the Recipient Class may have claims that would not be an abuse of process. Further, the issue of the civil law’s approach to protecting members of a marginalized group or a group that historically has been the victim of discrimination from hate speech and the governance of freedom of expression are important juridical issues that cannot be regarded as an abuse of process to have litigated. I, therefore, decline to strike out the Statement of Claim as an abuse of process."
Justice Paul Perell, as he declines to strike the $104 million lawsuit as an abuse of process and claims the Liberals and marchers who engage in anti-Christian hate speech as this marcher is with a picture of Jesus on his crotch or who run around naked and engage in public sex acts somehow have a legitimate grievance because Bill snuck into their parade and gave them flyers calling on them to repent of their sinful, rebellious, and unhealthy lifestyle.

In reality there is no legitimate claim against Whatcott for infiltrating this parade and successfully distributing flyers that criticized the debauchery that went on there and the government that promoted it. Perell is acting like the Toronto Pride Parade is a legitimate activity and that Smitherman, Elliot and Hudspeth are poor little innocent damsel's in distress, being beaten up by the big bad homophobe Bill Whatcott.

The entire narrative and premise that Perell is working from and that he expects everyone else to go along with is false.

Whatcott's hands and integrity is much cleaner than the homofascist's. The homofascist legal team arrayed against Whatcott are the ones guilty of hate and their parade is a parade that is guilty of hatred towards God, His people and all that is good in western Christian culture.

The notion these homosexual activists are marginalized victims who need government protection is spurious and needs to be exposed as such. The homosexual activists turning Canada into their personal bath house are well funded, nasty and quite able to fight. The problem is the courts and Canadian media are so overly differential towards them that it is the targets of their hate (Christians) who are marginalized and unable to get justice.

In closing my lawyers want to appeal.

"I think that we should initiate the application for leave to appeal, but Bill et al. need to step up the funding. An appeal to Divisional Court is an expensive proposition."
John Findly, Bill's class action expert counsel

I don't actually want to be put in jail indefinitely for contempt or have to spend the rest of my life making it as difficult as possible to prevent these hate filled homosexuals from taking my property or somehow getting access to who my friends and supporters are and then going after their homes and life savings.

Of course the courts and justice Perell if he was truly just would see the truth. Hate filled homosexuals who like to march in parades where people are naked, groping eachother's bums, and in some cases blaspheming Christianity, should actually be entitled to nothing. What they really deserve is to be arrested, taken off the street and charged with public indecency.

Bill's friends on the other hands deserve their homes (they did honest hard work to acquire them), their livelihoods and they don't deserve to be drawn into this expensive, spurious, and drawn out lawsuit. Giving Bill $20, a bed to sleep in or helping him for an hour by making some "Zombie Safe Sex" packages may be actionable in Parell's and Elliot's mind, but in the mind of a sane person such actions would be looked upon as commendable, unselfish and pleasing to God.

Indeed, even though things seem stressful and lonely right now as my supporters (at least ones who will actually step up and help with this important case) seem to be few; still in hindsight, I must say I would do absolutely nothing different. I believe if I lose this case and am in jail or more of a pauper than I am now this time next year, I still won't regret entering the parade disguised as a gay zombie to deliver the truth about homosexuality and the Liberal's complicity in the homosexual agenda at the parade. The Zombie stunt and flyer was a creative, courageous, and effective tactic that worked rather well at bringing some serious issues (Liberal complicity in promoting child abuse and sexual debauchery through government organs), not to mention the harmful realities of the homosexual lifestyle and the Good News that Jesus Christ can redeem those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle if they call out to Him.

While speaking such truth seems to have inflamed the demons driving the homosexual pride parade and unleashed a nasty $104 million court action enabled by a homosexual activist court, and drove some people who might otherwise have supported me into hiding, mad that my truth telling invaded their comfort zone; still someone had to speak the truth regarding the sin of homosexual pride in Canada. Notwithstanding, I am weak, flawed and not all that well backed up by the body of Christ or any major players in the Christian legal community, yet I am thankful and put my trust in my Saviour, irrespective of the future consequences I may soon be facing. What I spoke on the parade route through my flyer was timely and true and with a clean conscience I will protect those who helped with this important missionary endeavour. At the end of my life I will be able to tell my Lord Jesus that as unworthy as I am (and indeed I am completely unworthy of His salvation), yet I did speak for the little ones being victimized in Canada by this false, perverse and malicious homosexual agenda.

In Christ's service
Bill Whatcott

So you, son of man, I have made a watchman for the house of Israel. Whenever you hear a word from my mouth, you shall give them warning from me. If I say to the wicked, O wicked one, you shall surely die, and you do not speak to warn the wicked to turn from his way, that wicked person shall die in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand. But if you warn the wicked to turn from his way, and he does not turn from his way, that person shall die in his iniquity, but you will have delivered your soul."
Ezekiel 33:7-9

"Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers,you did it to me."
Matthew 25:37-40
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Re: $104 milion class action decision against Whatcott relea

Postby Bill Whatcott » Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:31 am

To help with the appeal you can donate using the free speech and religious liberty friendly
Go Get Funding Service:

https://gogetfunding.com/help-christian ... ngle=14980

or you can mail your support directly to Dr. Lugosi:

Lugosi Law Firm
107 Wellington Street
Ontario, Canada
N3T 2M1

Phone: 1-519-761-7000
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