Whatcott Vancouver-False Creek "Shock and Awe" update

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Whatcott Vancouver-False Creek "Shock and Awe" update

Postby Bill Whatcott » Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:17 pm

Dear Friends,

Today is the third day of my Vacouver-False Creek Biblical "Shock and Awe" campaign. So far between 300-400 flyers have been distributed, unambiguously proclaiming the NDP's Vancouver-False Creek candidate (that everyone is pretending is a "transgender woman" and a "single mom" named "Morgane Oger)," is in reality a 100% biological male, whose birth name is Ronan, he is a father of two children, and Ronan is choosing to wear a dress.

To see the flyer that is Biblically "Shock and Awing" the ultra left/libertine Vancouver-False Creek riding go here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10624

Yesterday, I was very busy handing out flyers around Howe and Davies, which is essentially both the heart of Ronan's riding and also the "gay ghetto." One homosexual chased me with my flyer in his hand and told me I better leave because "you are in the middle of the gay district." I told the angry but not too aggressive or impolite homosexual, "I am a Canadian citizen and I wish to speak truth to the issue of transgenderism and homosexuality in this riding, so I am sticking around." The homosexual left without any further argument, but then my phone started ringing. In the space of two hours of leafltting I fielded two calls threatening me directly and indirectly with physical violence. One of the threatening calls came from this number 604-369-6633.

Another call came in from a homosexual wishing for me to castrate myself and one caller told me I needed to commit suicide.

One of the nasty calls actually turned into a fairly useful, albeit heated, half hour conversation. The fellow was a 30 year old homosexual, who it turned out worked in the public school system, working in a homosexual program called "Out Schools" or something to that effect. Initially the fellow was swearing at me and wishing me harm, and I politely asked the fellow why did he feel that way. The homosexual than gave a rational answer that "you are lying" or something like that and indeed we covered the facts in my flyer and I explained to the devout atheist why God was real and why He put boundaries on our sexuality. The fellow did not agree with me, but we hung up on slightly better terms than how we started.... :happy:

While fielding one of the other calls wishing me death or castration this fellow called and left a message on my voicemail. He sort of sums up a typical homosexual response to my truthful flyer: (Warning Foul Language)
https://soundcloud.com/bill-whatcott/cr ... tes-on-god

Today, I was "Shock and Awing" around Quebec and Milrose Ave and the calls and e-mails today, while mostly negative (threats of lawsuits, calling police, etc...) were better than yesterday. Today I received two e-mails that are pro-homosexual "religious" in nature. Here is one:

drew dxxxxx <drewdxxxxx@me.com>
8:41 AM (12 hours ago)

Hi Bill,

I wanted to express my thanks for opening my eyes to an important issue in our upcoming provincial election. Your flyer that was left on our doorstep was thorough and pointed in its description of established gender roles, particularly those of the 1950's.
I realize now that it would be crucial to the growth of humanity for me to stand up and loudly proclaim my support for the courageous life of Ms Oger and what her experience would bring to the community she hopes to represent.
Can you imagine living a life where those in the sanctimonious blossom of the church degrade and spit on your life experience?; demonize and demean the very spirit that God bestowed upon you? How horrible.
You life a life of judgement and hatred Bill, and you justify it by twisting the word of a loving God to satisfy your own latent insecurities.
Try reading a book, and I mean one other than the commissioned political manifesto you quote.
May God forgive you and show you the true light of love.

A new supporter of Ms Oger

Yesterday's so-called "interview" with Drex and Lynda Steele was quite disappointing. I had low expectations, but seeing as I was clear with Drex I did not want to go on his program, if he was not going to allow an honest debate where I could defend myself, I was really disappointed when he played our joke of an "interview" three hours later.

Here is Drex's "Sure we can make it work" response to my stated desire that we have an actual debate, rather than just a hatchet job.


Unfortunately Drex is not a man of his word. When he aired our interview he tied my story in with some white supremacists who are allegedly putting out flyers on "white genocide." When he got to me he played approximately 30 seconds of our ten minute interview. In specific Drex played Lynda's question "What would you do if you had a gay child?" and my response "I would seek reparative therapy." Drex left out all of my answers to his numerous questions where I cited my medical and sociological evidence on the harm of embracing transgenderism. Drex and Steele hid my answers from his listeners where they asked me why I am concerned about Ronan being "transgender." I cited Ronan's advocacy for laws limiting freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. All of my facts were suppressed from the listener. Only 30 seconds was played and presented out of context, to make me look like a religious bigot with no facts or rationality at all.

Anyways, I will never go on Drex's show or respond to him again.

For my friends who would like the whole interview and not just a 30 second clip presented in a deceitful and malicious manner to portray me and our interview in a way that is not truthful, you can contact Drex and Steele and let them know as a media consumer you expect better than Drex's fake news hit piece:

Lynda and Drex can be contacted here:
Lynda Steele: lynda@cknw.com
Drex Wilcomes: drex@cknw.com

Phone number to file a complaint and request the whole unedited interview: (604) 331-2711

In Christ's Service
Bill Whatcott

Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. 12 Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you."
Matthew 5:11-12
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