Operation Biblical Shock and Awe is over.....

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Operation Biblical Shock and Awe is over.....

Postby Bill Whatcott » Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:13 pm

Two transvestites, one calls himself "Jillian," he apparently works for the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund in New York City. The other is my buddy Ronan (who calls himelf Morgane) Oger, the NDP Vancouver-False Creek candidate in the BC provincial election. Ronan and "Jillian" discuss their transgender activism and Ronan announces he is filing a human rights complaint against Bill Whatcott to punish him for launching Operation Biblical Shock and Awe in the middle of his election campaign.

Dear Friends,

Operation Biblical Shock and Awe is now over. The last two days of the truth assault on Vancouver-False Creek defending God's will that our gender identity align with our biological sex was definitely more action packed than the first three days of the truth assault. On Friday I headed up to the north end of the Vancouver-False Creek riding and proceeded to leaflet the Coal Harbour area.

To see the flyer that sent leftists into a violent rage, resulted in multiple complaints to the Vancouver Police Hate Crimes Unit and appears to be spawning a human rights complaint by Ronan the NDP's Vancouver-False Creek candidate go here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10624

Leafleting Coal Harbour was a fascinating exercise. Approximately 15 minutes into the truth assault I found myself handing out flyers in front of a Blenz Coffee House on Thurlow and W Georgia St when an obvious homosexual came up to me and asked to see one of my flyers. I am pretty non discriminatory when it comes to sharing my flyers and was about to hand him one, when he violently grabbed it out of my hand and started furiously tearing it into small pieces. Given the violence with which the homosexual grabbed my flyer and started ripping it, I was concerned he was going to attack me and I backed up to defend myself. However, the homosexual stormed off after tearing my flyer and and didn't say another word. The folks sitting on the porch of the coffee house just sort of stared in shock. I looked at the coffee house guests and remarked, "I guess he didn't like my flyer" and carried on with my work.

An hour later I found myself in front of another Blenz Coffee House on Bute and Robson St. A number of people took my flyer there and then a rather large fellow in his late twenties or early thirties came up to me and demanded to know "are you the one in the news handing out hate literature and mocking the safe space stickers in our neighbourhood?"

The fellow was referring to this news story.

Anyways, notwithstanding the fellow was large and appeared a little aggressive, I was rather pleased with my mockery of the so-called "safe space" sticker, so I immediately said "yes" to mocking safe space stickers and corrected the fellow in regards to my flyer being a truthful Law and Gospel flyer rather than a "hate" flyer. To this the fellow called me "disgusting" and we engaged in a heated 10-15 minute debate to which a dozen or so people on the street corner and on the coffee house porch stopped what they were doing to listen to us go back and forth. The big fellow and I would not come to an agreement. The fellow accused me of attacking and taking away rights. I countered cross dressing rights are false rights and real rights, such as conscience rights and religious rights are being threatened by LGBT activism. The fellow believed religious rights are false rights and then him and I went back and forth on whether God is real or not. In the end we remained in our camps. The fellow considered me a bigot and I considered him wrong on the issue of who God is and the necessity of our God given biological sex being in accord with our gender identity and expression.

When I got home Friday night I fielded a dozen or so e-mails and phone calls, along with a dozen or so text messages from recipients of my flyer. Some turned into productive discussions, most of the folks just called or texted to swear at me and hang up. One texter decided to send me multiple pornographic images of transvestite males engaging in homosexual sex acts. Meh.... It was less work for me to delete them then for the homosexual to upload and send them....

On the last day of Operation Biblical Shock and Awe I headed to the south end of Vancouver-False Creek riding. It started raining, so I focused my energy in accessing low rises, where I could put out lots of flyers quickly and stay dry. I concentrated my energies north of Fourth Ave and in between Burrard and Arbutus Streets. Throughout the day I found myself able to get let in to the apartments to distribute my literature by some open minded and kind person only to get thrown out 15 minutes later by some deranged leftist or homosexual who decided because they did not like my flyer no one should see it.

In one case a long haired bearded man got my flyer under his door and within a minute the guy came flying out of his apartment F-bombing and sceaming he was "calling the F--ing police" because I was "committing a F---ing hate crime." By screaming the guy disrupted his entire floor and as for me I did a few more flyers while trying to mollify the screaming leftist and then beated a tactical retreat down some stairs to another floor where I got some more flyers out until someone else showed up and tossed me out the door.

By 5 pm I was getting pretty tired and had 700 or so flyers out when I was let into a rather nice apartment or condo building (not sure which) where I proceeded from the top floor (I think fourth) distributing my flyers under the doors and made it to the third floor when a lesbian came chasing me and waving my flyer while accusing me of committing a hate crime by delivering my flyers. I took her flyer back and sensing my time was short tried to pick up speed delivering my flyers. I made it to the ground floor and had ten or so apartments left to do when I heard two lesbians running down the stairwell full speed. In times past I could usually outrun lesbians and other assorted leftists when they chased me in apartment buildings and I would often bolt to a different starewell from where they were coming and run to the floor above them and then run down the stairwell they just came from and proceed to leaflet where I left off and often get all my flyers out before they would find me again.

This time however I must confess the 40 and 30 year old lesbians were lean and probably granola and yogurt fed. Me, I am now 49 years old, a little portly, and am ice cream and bacon fed. While, I tried heroically to lose the lesbians and double back to get my much needed information to the last ten doors in the building, the f--- bombing lesbians grabbed me by my collar and marched me to the front entrance to throw me out of their building. Sensing my door to door evangelism was turning into "out the door" evangelism, and my time with the F--- bombing lesbians was going to be short, I invited them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour as they were marching me to the door. Sadly, they weren't ready at that stage in their lives to repent, so I got a few more profanities and screams about "hate crime" or "hate speech," or something to that effect hurled my way, and out the door I was tossed....... :phew:

Anyways by 7:00 pm the last of the flyers were delivered and then I went home to field phone calls, e-mails and text messages from residents of the riding. While most of the people in the riding have not responded to my flyer, of those who did (maybe 100 or so, so far), the responses are overwhelmingly of the opinion that arguments based on Christian morality is hate speech. In some cases the respondants believe I should be in jail for expressing myself through my flyer and that God is either pro-homosexual and pro-transgender or non-existant. On the street and in the apartment buildings I met an awful lot of homosexuals. I would say the percentage of homosexuals in Vancouver-False Creek seems to be higher than in Toronto Centre Rosedale (the riding that contains Toronto's "Gay ghetto").

In a week of handing flyers person to person on the streets downtown and going door to door in the south end I met two or three people who agreed with the message. Many who took the flyer on the street, I was able to observe reading it when I was a distance away and generally these folks while clearly engaged when reading said nothing one way or the other. More than a hundred people who contacted me via e-mail, phone call, text, or on the street expressed anything from polite, to vulgar, to violent opposition to my flyer's message. Of interest is the perceived need of all three major political parties competing for Vancouver-False Creek riding to denounce the Biblical and morally coherent message in my flyer as "hate speech" and announcing their intention to stand in solidarity with Ronan's gender confusion.

In the final analysis Vancouver is post Christian and the false notion that gender is non-binary and not related to one's biological sex is now a mainstream dogma. However, one can also see that Vancouver's post-Christian embrace of homosexuality and gender confusion is far from a settled matter. Had I put out a flyer arguing Christy Clark should embrace being a horse or Ronan was really born with a predisposition to being an elf, the flyers would have simply been ignored. Clearly the media, homosexual activist community, and NDP felt threatened with the truth expressed in my flyers. On some level everyone enabling and propagating Ronan's delusion that he is a woman knows that he is not. There is no doubt my prophetic witness denouncing Ronan's and the NDP's rebellion against God struck a nerve. Indeed the other parties chose to express outrage that I would tell the truth and called for that truth to be silenced, rather than denounce the mainstreaming of gender confusion and sexual deviancy. In additon to the NDP, the Greens and Liberals exposed their preference to propagate a lie (that gender is whatever you want it to be) rather than stand for what is true.

"So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them." Genesis 1:27

In the final analysis it was a good thing to stand for the truth and to bring God's Word on gender and sexuality to this election debate, even if the truth has been rejected at this point and time.

In Christ's Service
Bill Whatcott

Comments from the three major parties on Operation Biblical Shock and Awe
(There is no Conservative party candidate running in Vancouver-Fox Creek)

"I was just recently the target of a transphobic, hateful publication, distribution and this material, I am protected from, so in other words there will be repercussions, I will try to have repercussions for this, by submitting a human rights claim with the human rights tribunal."
NDP candidate Ronan Oger (calls himself Morgane Oger) believes his cross dressing and public advocacy of gender confusion should be off limits for debate and that state organs should be used to silence anyone who challenges and disagrees with his gender confusion advocacy.

"This kind of rhetoric (Bill's flyer denouncing transgender confusion) has no place in the public discourse of this province."
Sam Sullivan, Liberal MLA

This is unacceptable in British Columbia and anywhere in the world, We must stand together against hatred towards transgender and gender variant people."
Andrew Weaver, Leader BC Green Party

"Saddened by such hate, but the courage of @MorganeOgerNDP & her campaign is exactly the response we need."
Jagmeet Singh, Deputy Leader Ontario NDP

"Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him."
Hebrews 11:6
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Re: Operation Biblical Shock and Awe is over.....

Postby Bill Whatcott » Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:27 pm

News / Vancouver
Parties decry transphobic election fliers against MLA candidate
Morgane Oger made history as the first transgender election nominee in B.C. She expected some resistance — but not what happened this week.
By: David P. Ball
Metro Published on Thu Apr 27 2017
https://www.metronews.ca/news/vancouver ... =hootsuite

Morgane Oger, B.C. NDP candidate for Vancouver-False Creek, in her Yaletown riding on Thursday, April 27, 2017.

Both the B.C. Liberals and the Greens are speaking out against hate speech targeting one of their political rivals: Vancouver New Democrat candidate Morgane Oger.

On Thursday morning, the Greens issued a statement condemning anti-transgender pamphlets handed out in Vancouver-False Creek riding as “hateful.” Meanwhile, Oger’s B.C. Liberal rival, former Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan, called the fliers “horrible.”

I expected to catch hateful attention,” Oger told Metro in a phone interview. “But I did not expect such incredible hateful harshness.

“It did make me catch my breath — it really did sting.”

The fliers — titled “Transgenderism vs Truth in Vancouver-False Creek” — were distributed in Oger’s riding and reviewed by Metro.

It questioned the gender identity of the NDP candidate and long-time chair of the Trans Alliance Society of B.C., referred to her only by her name at birth, railed against “transvestite and homosexual lifestyles,” and insisted “because gender is God given and immutable, ‘transgenderism’ is an impossibility.”

“The thing that particularly hit me was that it puts into question whether or not I am authentic,” Oger said. “That’s what hurt.”

Sam Sullivan, the incumbent who is Oger’s B.C. Liberal rival in Vancouver-False Creek, said such hate speech has no place in British Columbia.

“It’s horrible,” he told Metro in a phone interview. “I feel really upset that she has to endure this — I hope that she is not dissuaded by any of it.

“She is a very important voice in this campaign … Morgane is taking her duties as a citizen so seriously; she’s adding her voice to the public discourse and we’re better off for it.”

Meanwhile, the Green Party of B.C.’s candidate for Coquitlam-Maillardville Nicola Spurling, said the attack targeting Oger is a reminder of the hate that many transgender people face.

“This highlights exactly why it’s dangerous to be outed as a transgender person,” she told Metro in a phone interview, “because you face all this discrimination.
“When you talk about suicide rates of trans people, those are caused by discrimination.”

Spurling, who is an LGBTQ advocate and a Vancouver Pride Society board member, never intended to come out publicly as transgender — until she was “outed” during the election campaign during a television segment on transgender candidates with several parties.

She said it was the result of a miscommunication between the B.C. Greens and Global News after she declined an interview for the segment.

“I figured that would come out at some point during the campaign,” she said, “but the way it came out was not appropriate. Outing a trans person is something dangerous to do.”

Now, Spurling wants to get back to focusing on her door-knocking campaign and talking about issues like affordable housing and transportation, she said.

Oger said she’s heartened by the words of support after the flier incident, but said “it takes more than words to be progressive.”

She cited the B.C. government’s slowness to include transgender rights explicitly in its human rights laws, until passing an NDP-sponsored bill last July — legislation she’d helped craft years before.

“I’m sure the B.C. Liberals mean well,” Oger argued. “But the Christy Clark government’s actions over the last 16 years speak for themselves.

“I’ve experienced many people saying kind things while doing nothing to stop oppression or discrimination.”

Oger also criticized the Liberals for allowing a dissident member, Chilliwack-Hope riding’s Laurie Throness, to make “transphobic” remarks opposing his own party’s support for the reforms, citing religious beliefs there are just two genders fixed at birth, and quoting the Bible — which were also the justifications listed on this week’s flier against Oger.

Sullivan defended his party’s record on LGBTQ rights, citing the Human Rights Code amendments — a move for years proposed unsuccessfully by the B.C. NDP.

Discrimination against transgender people, he said, “has always been against the rules according to human rights (law).

“There’s been no change in the way it’s treated, but we felt it was important to make a statement by writing it into the legislation.”

For Spurling, even when things “get heated” in the lead-up to the May 9 election, the flier incident is a reminder of the need to “work together and put politics aside.”

“This is an instance where we have to set aside our party politics and denounce these fliers being passed around.”
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