Whatcott update, lawsuits, human rights complaints, etc...

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Whatcott update, lawsuits, human rights complaints, etc...

Postby Bill Whatcott » Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:51 am

Dear Friends,

The last month has been quite challenging. First of all the hearing date for the order that I disclose the identities of my friends in the $104 million lawsuit is fast coming up. The hearing is this week, Wednesday, June 14th. Please pray that my side prevails. Aside from my own obvious bias in favor of my side, I can't see how anyone with a shred of decency can think it is a good idea that I give information to Elliot and his gaggle of homofascists that could enable them to sue the Christian families that helped me make "Gospel Condoms" and take their homes, life savings, etc.... Of course if I lose, morally I have no choice but to go into contempt to protect the homes and lives of my friends, meaning if I lose I could potentially be put in jail indefinitely, until I talk, or the other side gives up, or I die in jail from old age or some other reason (the most likely outcome).

Now on to other news:

My defense of truth in the so-called Morgane Oger vs Bill Whatcott BC Human Rights case is off to a rocky start.

Here is my defense: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10638

Here is the response to my defense from the gender confused Tribunal Chairperson Walter Rilkoff, who is assigned to hear the case:


It doesn't look good for me if the Chairperson assigned to adjudicate the human rights complaint against me thinks the complainant (who is a guy with a wang between his legs) is somehow a female complainant. :icon_rolleyes:

The transvestite candidate Ronan Oger who ran for the NDP in the Vancouver-False Creek riding as a fake female candidate and is now suing Bill Whatcott for discrimination because Bill told Vancouver-False Creek voters the truth that Ronan is a gender confused male and that God did not want them to vote for a non-repentant transvestite activist.

Anyways, here is a better piece of news. :happy:

My former lawyer and close personal friend Tom Schuck wrote a nice article in the Saskatchewan Choose Life Newspaper about some of my work that will hopefully benefit Canadians who believe in freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to speak and act according to what is true, long after I am out of this fight and forgotten.

Whatcott Brings Truth to Campus - All by Himself
Choose Life News
By Tom Schuck
June 17, 2017

For 15 years I have been the legal advisor to Bill Whatcott. I admire his courage, and really appreciate his joyfulness…. his Job de vive and unfailing belief in truth and God. His mind quickly recognizes the irrationality of injustice and steps into action with little consideration of the consequences. He sees wrong. He acts.

One of the objects of his scorn has been the hypocrisy of our university elites who ought to be bastions of free speech and liberty, but instead morphed from clear thinking places of reason and learning to safe spaces where students are protected from rational views that could hurt their feelings. Some universities can now only issue “trigger warnings” when he approaches their campus. They could have just as easily issued soothers on registration day as added security for their students.

Stories of the intolerance of alternative views on campuses today and what to do about them have frequently appeared on news channels and editorials. But for Whatcott the solution was simple. He would show up, pass out flyers, get arrested, plead not guilty, get acquitted and then return to the campus.

Whatcott had three cases that he won against the University of Regina after appealing one of them, before the university finally threw in the towel and allowed Whatcott to not only come onto campus, but rented him a table from which he taught universal Christian truths on abortion and gay sex.

At the University of Calgary, students previously had been prohibited and then disciplined for holding and showing pictures of aborted babies on campus. At this university Whatcott was arrested twice, and won both cases, one of which the university appealed and lost again.

It would be an exaggeration to say all is now good on the above university campuses. However, it is marvelous to see what one person can contribute to free speech and religious freedom all by himself. Thanks to Whatcott, the Christian message on sexuality can now be talked about on two university campuses.

Like all universities these days, they promote their own version of a theology of the body in their gender studies program that is contrary to Christian morality except in the dreams of those led astray.

There are several affiliated religious colleges on the campus of the University of Regina. I often wonder what it is that Whatcott teaches that the religious colleges do not? Do they support abortion and same sex activities, or do they not?

Why would a university hire lawyers several times to keep Whatcott off campus because of his views, and then allow affiliate colleges that share, or ought to share, the same zeal that Whatcott has for the Good News?

Instead of Good News, universities give fake news to students….. fake news supported by our newspapers, television and Hollywood. Instead of bread, students are given stones to fill their heads.

For now, we should just rejoice and thank God for giving us one person who can turn irrational university policies on their head.
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