Whatcott detained by Canada Border Services again

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Whatcott detained by Canada Border Services again

Postby Bill Whatcott » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:51 pm

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday I went to the US side of the Pacific border crossing again to refile my waiver. Once again I did not enter the USA and the US border officer gave me an official paper saying so much and once again I was flagged for a "routine" secondary inspection anyways.

This "inspection" was not as heavy handed as last month's "inspection," but for a guy who never even entered the United States it was still ridiculous.

Instead of 4 guards surrounding me, emptying my pockets, and seizing my phone, only two guards made me empty my pockets and they politely let me video tape them and interrogate them as to why 100% of my re-entries into Canada are now subject to secondary inspections even though I never had a problem with Customs and never was subjected to such intense searches prior to my covertly bringing the truth about homosexuality to the Toronto homosexual shame parade. Indeed I note that prior to Liberal Prime Minister Selfie Zoolander and the Lesbian Premier of Ontario being parties to suing me for $104 million dollars as punishment for my audacious and yet creative act of Christian charity at Toronto Homosexual UnGodly Pride, I was never searched at the border even once during my hundreds of times of going back and forth over it.

Anyways my vehicle was searched and my phone seized and all the messages on my phone were read. Last time the amount of manpower wasted on me was somewhere around a half dozen border guards. This time it seemed only three were actively involved in my inquisition. Last time my Border Services inquisition went on for 3 hours, this time it was over in one hour.

One guard really bothered me this time when I was standing outside the Canadian Border Service (CBS) office watching two CBS agents going through my car. I did not interfere with the search and was in fact over 100 feet away just getting fresh air and waiting for them to finish their search. After ten minutes or so of me causing no problem a CBS guard came outside and ordered me back in the building even though I was not officially under arrest and not accused of any wrong doing, beyond something on my federal government dossier informing them I need to be searched with special attention always being given to my phone, computers and books.

I considered standing my ground and declining to go in but then decided to submit to the unreasonable order in the interests of being able to get out of there asap.

Anyways, the guards were nicer this time than last time, but I do not believe the guard in the video at all when he said I am not flagged. The first guard to inspect me last month when I came from the US border office indicated I was indeed flagged and it certainly is no coincidence I am subjected to such rigorous searches of my personal belongings, phones, books and computers every time I come back to Canada now.

Once I got my car keys returned to me one guard informed me the search conducted on me was to look for "child porn, bestiality and hate propaganda." I guess they didn't find any..... :icon_rolleyes:

"For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God."
1 Corinthians 1:18
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