My Testimony and Witness

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My Testimony and Witness

Postby Ebedmelech » Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:40 pm

I struggled with gender and sexual confusion all my life and believed to have an innate gender condition thinking I was a woman in a man's body.I was absolutely convinced the only remedy was to change my sex despite being a fully matured six foot two inch adult male with large extremities and no contributory physical medical conditions. With bold determination I came out as a transsexual woman ignoring my family's cautionary pleas,and discounting all contrary evidence and testimony. My resolution to inner gender confusion were external remedies including clothing & makeup, electrolysis, hormones, assuming a female identity,and concluding with sex reassignment surgery.

Once completing my gender change I anticipated living happily ever after,however contrary to expectations my life was not getting better.I was completely "legally" female,yet I was having persistent difficulties adapting and feeling comfortable in my reassigned gender.I was struggling with awkwardness,paranoia,shyness,and was continually seeking the affirmation & acceptance of others. I tried resolving feelings of emptiness and loneliness by associating with other trans-people,attending LGBT pride celebrations, community events and became involved in activism.In retrospect my activism and rage against perceived bigotry, hatred,and intolerance was in reality attempts to reconcile my own conscience and awakening soul. I was continually searching for acceptance,feeling as an unpardonable criminal seeking forgiveness and freedom. I was longing to know the whole truth rather than endless half truths and superficial proclamations of diversity, inclusiveness,and tolerance.

God's Holy Spirit of truth was doing a work in my heart,initiating thoughts completely opposite to that of today's worldly post modern thinking. I was being convicted and chastened,shown by God's law among my many sins transsexualism as a sexual sin, a work of the flesh waging war against my never dying soul. Despite legal definitions and surgery my gender change was an illusion and identifying as a woman was living in falsehood.

I was lead to repentance,to believe on Christ's crucifixion and resurrection and to love and obey God's commandments.
I was saved from never ending guilt and now thank the Lord Jesus Christ daily for coming to this earth, and paying the ultimate price for mine and the sins of mankind. By allowing God to enter my heart,hear His words,and become God centered rather than self centered I have gone from feeling hopeless,clinically depressed,lost,and awaiting death to a born again,baptized, fundamental Christian believer.

God's Holy Spirit,is the only explanation for my profound change of heart as only God could do this work,enabling me to write these words and witness His absolute truth,grace,mercy and love.God's Words are my soul's anchor, balance, direction,and foundation. I now thank the Lord for who I am and for God's many blessings in my life despite the emotional & physical consequences and ensuing challenges. I returned to my original birth name and almost instantly years of seemingly endless emotional chains of anxiety and fear loosened and I began experiencing freedom in truth not experienced in years.
Indeed God's grace,mercy and truth does sets one free and I personally know he can help you!
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Re: My Testimony and Witness

Postby evolution8 » Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:49 pm

What a great testimony Ebedmelech, thank you for sharing your story. blessyou
This deserves to be in the Announcement section for you are God's living witness to His saving grace!!! :happy:
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Re: My Testimony and Witness

Postby Bill Whatcott » Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:57 am

Ditto. I am sharing this with our new member Gord. Thank you and God bless you..... blessyou
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