Whatcott commentary on NDP victory in Alberta

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Whatcott commentary on NDP victory in Alberta

Postby Bill Whatcott » Wed May 06, 2015 10:31 am

Michael Connolly, homosexual NDP MLA-elect for Calgary-Hawkwood, becomes suicidal and whines about "online bullying"
when conservatives criticize his comparison of American Christian gun owners to Hamas terrorists

"Both are radicals and possible terrorists." Michael Connolly, NDP MLA-elect Calgary-Hawkwood

Dear Friends,

Our new, "openly gay" NDP MLA-elect, Michael Connolly does not appear to like conservative Christians who own guns. In fact the above post and comment was on Connolly's Facebook until Ezra Levant pointed it out.

Connolly further went into a rant when attacking Holly Fischer (the woman with the gun and Bible) about Christians "calling women who choose to have abortions murderers" and further stated that "telling homosexuals that they are going to hell is intimidating." Apparently in Connolly's mind believing that abortion is murder and homosexuality is a sin is the equivalent to being a Hamas suicide bomber. In actual fact even though such a comparison is nothing more than absurd, bigoted, slander; I can't find any evidence that Holly Fischer has even called abortion bound women "murderers" or homosexuals "hell bound." But don't let reality get in the way of a good rant when it comes to homosexual NDP ideologues like Michael Connolly.

Now besides throwing mud at patriotic conservative Christians and comparing them to Hamas terrorists, our friend Michael was pretty good at railing against the Wildrose Party too....

"I love when the Wildrose says that "Alberta can’t afford its own NDP-style experiment". Because what we can't afford is a 2008 Greek austerity budget mixed with 1930's social beliefs. We cannot afford a two tier healthcare system. We cannot afford cuts to K-12 education. We cannot afford higher tuition fees, and we certainly cannot afford more institutionalised gender inequality, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, and racism."
Michael Connolly, NDP MLA-elect, Calgary-Hawkwood

While I don't think calling gun owning Christians "terrorists" or Wild Rose Party supporters "racists" is very nice, I wouldn't want this idiot charged with a hate crime per say (though I am certain Connolly would have me imprisoned if he could because of my views on homosexuality). I do think the lamestream media should have subjected this guy to some level of scrutiny and NDP leader Rachel Notley should have removed him from running for office once it became known that Connolly was calling pro-gun Christians potential terrorists.

Michael Connolly's intolerance is bad, worse than my alleged intolerance actually. However, because Connolly is a leftist homosexual bigot, rather than a conservative Christian one, the Calgary Herald, CBC and Rachel Notley were all cool with him, but then it gets even more scary with our new MLA-elect Michael Connolly..... crybaby2

While the Calgary Herald, and CBC had nothing to say about Connolly's posts comparing conservative Christians to terrorists, Ezra Levant decided to bring Connolly's posts up. As you can see while Ezra is critical of the guy (I believe rightfully so), Ezra was not too hard on the "fragile," "gay" politician:

Still the online criticism poor Michael received for comparing gun owning conservative Christians to Hamas terrorists was too much for the poor guy. In response to online criticism from Levant and some of his like minded supporters poor Michael writes:

"I have never been closer to checking myself in to the hospital because of suicidal thoughts. After everything that has happened today I have never wanted anything more than to be done with it all."
Michael Connolly, NDP MLA-elect Calgary-Hawkwood

Well, the scorn Michael heaped on Christians was at least as bad as the criticism Levant and a handful of conservatives heaped on him. If calling Michael on his bigotry and dumb posts is enough to make him suicidal, a reasonable person can ask is how is such a fragile guy going to handle question period in the Alberta legislature?

Well, I guess we will find out. While the Wildrose has to quickly throw their candidates out of the party when media hacks find decade old posts on the internet that are critical of homosexuality and blows the posts into sensational stories, the NDP is free to keep bigoted homosexuals with immaturity and psychiatric issues as their MLAs. There isn't a peep from the mainstream press on the problems this guy and other unstable NDP candidates will likely pose when they actually take power. It is highly unlikely Connolly's maturity and judgment is going to improve enough to make him leadership material in the next couple months, but all indicators are notwithstanding his self declared suicidal tendencies when he gets flamed by conservatives, Notley is standing by her homosexual. :icon_rolleyes:

Which brings me to Premier-elect Rachel Notley herself.....

Premier-elect Rachel Notley is a hardcore supporter of tax funded abortion on demand

The media chose not to talk about it but one of Notley's top priorities is abortion. Indeed she is as obsessed about abortion as any ardent pro-lifer is, maybe even more so...

In 2010 Notley was aggressively promoting an NDP report titled "Alberta's Health Care: What People Want." This report decided the health care priorities for Albertans should be recruiting abortionists from around the world to work in small towns so women wouldn't have to travel too far to get their babies killed and to take away conscience rights from health care providers in an effort to get more doctors and nurses to participate in the killing.

Rachel Notley at the Edmonton Homosexual Shame Parade

Notley is a hardcore supporter of the homosexual agenda, which might explain her poor judgment in keeping homosexual MLA Michael Connolly who claims he became suicidal because Ezra Levant and other conservatives flamed him in response to anti-Christian hate speech he himself initiated.

Religious freedom will suffer under Notley in deference to homosexual activist ambitions to socialize children to embrace homosexuality. Notley is on record as supporting the coercion of private religious schools in embracing so-called gay/straight alliances.

I fully expect under Notley that a mandatory homosexual friendly sex education curriculum will be implemented across Alberta that will probably mirror the controversial sex education program being rammed down the throats of Ontario parents by lesbian premier Kathleen Wynne as we speak.

Rachel Notley publicly supports the concept of so-called "anthropogenic global warming" and has stated she supports taxes and regulations that will damage Alberta's oil industry to fight this imaginary crises created by the political left. Notley in the past has referred to Alberta's oil sands as the "tar sands," a scientifically inaccurate and politically charged name.

Rachel Notley also claims (notwithstanding a nearly 50 year track record of proven environmental safety and economic benefit) that fracking is potentially posing a risk to Alberta's water supply and environment. It is possible Notley will impose a moratorium on fracking to appease the environmental extremists in her party.

While the Alberta media tried to paint Rachel Notley as a "moderate left of centre" politician in reality Notley is on the hard left. It is probable her fiscal and social policies will mirror the failed policies of the Bob Rae NDP government that plunged Ontario into a debt crises in 1992 and in the end led to massive job losses, businesses fleeing the province, and a downgrading of the province's credit rating from AAA to BB+.

My prediction is homosexual activists and the abortion industry will greatly benefit under the NDP regime of Rachel Notley. As the Premier, Notley will talk about improving socialized health care for all, but as the reality of out of control health care expenditures and deficit spending starts to take hold, the Notley government will be forced to make cuts to senior care, staffing levels in hospitals and care for the disabled. However, the budgets for politicized pseudo medicine such as abortion and so-called sex reassignment surgery will enjoy increases in funding even in the midst of the inevitable NDP policy induced debt crises and cuts that will follow.

Alberta Union of Public Employees members will initially benefit as the NDP will give them substantial wage and benefit increases, as well as unrealistic guarantees for job security. Premier Notley's government will deficit spend in an effort to pay for the government wage increases and hiring sprees. The NDP under Notley will argue that tax hikes and deficit spending will stimulate the economy. The corporate tax hikes, royalty increases, environmental regulations and personal tax hikes will drive private sector jobs and investment from the province.

I predict Alberta will have an unemployment rate around 9 %, personal and corporate income tax rates that are comparable to Ontario, a hobbled energy sector, and the province will be reeling under tens of billions of dollars of new debt debt by the time Notley stands for re-election five years from now.

I hope I am wrong, but this is my prediction.....

In Christ's Service
Bill Whatcott

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked rule, the people mourn." Proverbs 29:2
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Re: Whatcott commentary on NDP victory in Alberta

Postby Doc Notgay » Wed May 06, 2015 3:33 pm

You could understand Albertans need to punish the PC's but to vote for the communist homosexual party is just suicide.

They're going to find out the hard way, like we did in Ontario, what bad people can do if you give them the opportunity.

It's a sad day for all of Canada. sad1
Doc Notgay
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