Media covers up Muslim hate crime against Christian, Toronto

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Did you hear about a Muslim stabbing a Christian in Toronto, on September 20th, 2015?

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Media covers up Muslim hate crime against Christian, Toronto

Postby Bill Whatcott » Mon Nov 23, 2015 2:22 pm

The victim's stabbing wounds. Photo: CIJnews

A disturbing trend in western mainstream media. Three things you can scour the mainstream media for and you won't find many of the stories that are actually out there.

Serious misconducts and injuries to women who have what are supposed to be "safe legal" abortions. When I volunteered at Aid to Women we sent a few news reports on injured women (not talking about minor infection, one woman we dealt with, had her baby's head left inside her after the abortionist working for Morgantaler's in Toronto misjudged the gestation of her baby and also perforated her uterus, causing a life threatening bleeding incident. The abortionist further compounded her minsconduct by calling a cab, rather than an ambulence as she did not want pro-lifers getting photos of a woman being wheeled out of the state of the art Morgantaler abortuary and of course appearances are more important than a woman bleeding to death because of her botched abortion. When Toronto's media was made aware of this....crickets.....

Secular homosexuals abusing underage children (Priests you will hear about for years). Bill Graham Canada's former Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister abusing a 15 year old male prostitute was only the worst example. Australia's "perfect gay" couple simply disappeared without barely a story after the couple made regular appearances on Australia's State Broacaster and other media networks talking how great it is to be "gay" parents until they were convicted of raping their adopted Russian boy and offering him to others for sex. You might remember the race bait narrative from Duke University where white heterosexual lacrosse players were declared "guilty" by the media of raping a black stripper who was found to have lied and falsely accused the men for her own financial gain. That was big news and the lacrosse players lives were ruined until it was found the black "victim" was actually the victimizer. You probably didn't hear about Frank Lombard the white homosexual who worked in senior managment at Duke who really did abuse a black boy, unless you read my website:

Bill Graham: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=84
Australia's one and only story that I could find from the state broacaster:
Duke University's "lesser told story:" ... w=viewpoll

Finally, you know all about alleged "hate" crimes from Canadians allegedly yelling obscenities at Muslims or trying to remove hijabs from Muslim women in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. Drex a pompous pro-homosexual on Vancouver's talk radio circuit (who uses vulgar language inculding F-bombs on his twitter feed to refer to Christians who don't support homosexuality) and who calls people who don't support wide open immigration of Muslims to Canada different nasty names like "bigot," is "outraged" someone would call a Muslim a bad name (for the record I don't support harrassing Canadian Muslims on the street or calling them bad names.) CBC has run several stories about the alleged Muslim abuse incidents and Toronto police are calling them all hate crimes. Good enough, but why didn't Drex or CBC cover this story below? Why aren't the Toronto police doing press conferences and calling this a hate crime?

Only one media outlet covered this story at all and they refused to mention that the stabbers self identified as Muslim. CBC never covered this stabbing at all.

The truth is Canada's media is more interested in shaping your opinions, rather than informing them and they want to shape your opinions with false information and by withholding information, so you will support that which undermines Canada's Christian heritage and Canadian's faith in the true, living God......

Bill Whatcott

Exclusive: Toronto man wearing “Infidel” patch stabbed for allegedly offending Muslims
Posted by: Jonathan D. Halevi October 31, 2015

On Sunday, September 20, 2015 at 11:18pm, CP24 dryly reported that “a man in his 50\s is in serious condition in a hospital after he was stabbed multiple times in Scarborough on Sunday night.”

According to the Police, “the man was stabbed in the area of Danforth Road and St. Clair Avenue East, just after 10 p.m. Sunday” and “several suspects were seen fleeing the area on foot.”

CP24 also quoted the Paramedics who said that “the man was rushed to the hospital trauma centre for treatment. He suffered multiple stab wounds.”

Since then the Police has not provided any further details about the motive of the stabbing attack or the identity of the perpetrators.

On October 29, CIJnews sent a query to the Police containing a link to the CP24 news report accompanied with the following questions:

Did the Police arrest any suspects?
What was the motive of the stabbing attack?
Does the Toronto Police regard this stabbing attack a hate crime/ terrorist attack/ criminal attack?

In response to the query, the Police Media Relations Officer wrote in an email sent to CIJnews that she “was unable to locate an incident with the location you have provided” and asked for “more information to follow up.”

CIJnews provided her with the names of the victim and the Detective who interrogated him in hospital. The Police Media Relations Officer has not yet responded to the latest correspondence.

The scene where the stabbing attack took place. Photo: CIJnews

The 56 year-old victim, who asked not be identified due to security concerns, told CIJnews that the stabbing attack took place at the entrance to the Sports Lounge Bar at Kennedy Road and St. Clair. A devout Christian who also follows the Jewish Torah, the victim was a regular at the bar on Sundays and was not shy about speaking about his criticism of Islam. The jacket he wore on the day of the stabbing had a patch on its front that reads “Infidel” in English and in Arabic (كافر).

At one point of that evening, he went out to bring in an amplifier from his wife’s car. At the entrance to the bar, three unfamiliar males stopped him. One of them, a white 6′ 4 male with dark hair and many tattoos on his body, presented himself as a Muslim, confronted him and inquired about the “Infidel” patch. After explaining to them that he is a Christian who collects patches, he felt intimidated as the three started closing in on him while his back was facing the entrance door with no way to escape.

He was told: “You offended my friend” and then the shortest guy, who stood suspiciously quiet and abstained from engaging in conversation with him, pulled a knife from his friend’s jacket and started stabbing him repeatedly in the abdomen.

The victim was taken by surprise from the unexpected hostile behavior of the three strangers, of whom two had a Mideastern appearance (one with Quebecois accent). At first he did not realize that he was stabbed as he wore a knife-proof biker vest. Instinctively, he tried to move away the hand of the attacker who “poked” him, and by doing so he sustained cuts in his palm and the attacker now aimed his knife under the vest causing two stabbing wounds.
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