Lawlessness amongst Canada's Muslim migrants being covered u

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Lawlessness amongst Canada's Muslim migrants being covered u

Postby Bill Whatcott » Tue Apr 12, 2016 6:43 am

The pictures of the men in mini skirts above is the modern Dutch male response to the wave of sex assaults and violent assaults afflicting European women. The media would have you believe the violence against women epidemic sweeping Europe isn't really happening and is being blown out of proportion by "bigoted" right wing Christians. The men above are clearly of the left persuasion. They know what is happening to their sisters and female co-workers, classmates, partners, etc.... Unfortunately these men have been feminized by their culture, media, and education system. Their response is to don mini skirts in an utterly ineffective protest against the aggressive, misogynistic and confident, Muslim culture that is invading their land.

Now the plague that has hit Europe hard this year has come to Canada. I am not surprised as I have been reporting acts of violence committed by Muslims in Canada for some time if I believed those acts are related to the Muslim's religious and cultural views. I reported on the ten teenaged girls brutally raped by a Muslim supremacist in Montreal. I reported here on Free North America a Christian man who was stabbed by a Muslim gang in Toronto after they expressed offense at an anti-Islamic patch on the victim's jacket. I noted in all of these sectarian acts of violence the Canadian media was mostly silent, choosing to censor newsworthy happenings, rather than give information that could adversely affect Canadian support for the Liberal's plan to bring in tens of thousands of poorly screened Syrian refugees.

With the above in mind I was not entirely surprised to get my friend Jim Christian's e-mail below citing lawlessness at a migrant hotel in New Brunswick. I note homeless Canadians do not get hotels at a cost of over $100 a night, they either have to sleep on the street or go to large cities and sleep in homeless shelters that are dormitory style and offer no privacy. While I was not surprised and I was also concerned about Facebook censoring Jim's information; I was initially reluctant to forward his e-mail without any corroborating evidence. Now I have a news story from the Halifax Chronicle Herald articulating similar concerns to Jim's. Sadly, the Halifax Chronicle Herald censored themselves once the story was shown to put Canada's Muslim newcomers in a negative light. Thankfully the blog Blazing Catfur captured the story before it disappeared and I will share it with you, so you can draw your own conclusions and maybe respond in a more effective manner than the effeminized Dutch to protect your women and way of life.

In Christ's Service
Bill Whatcot

My friend Jim Christian received this message from Facebook:
March 31, 2016 - "We've removed something that you posted. We've removed one of your posts because it doesn't follow the Facebook Community Standards. As a result, you've been temporarily blocked from posting. This temporary block will last 3 days, and you'll be able to post again at the end of that time. Please bear in mind that people who repeatedly post things that aren't allowed on Facebook may have their accounts permanently disabled."

The post that was deleted and got my friend Jim Christian temporarily banned from Facebook
Over 100 "refugees" have been put up at a local New Brunswick hotel by the Canadian government. This is proving to be extremely unpleasant for workers there.

Word is now coming out that the Moslems are making things very nasty in this place where everything is being provided for them. They are destroying the place. Beds are being continually ruined with urine and feces - as is the carpeting. Everything not nailed down is being stolen. Children are running wild and creating a madhouse environment for everyone there. And, all this courtesy of the Canadian taxpayers. And, yet, they demand more and more.

Also, at a recent Wildcats hockey game at the Moncton Coliseum, dozens of these Moslem "refugees" refused to stand for our national anthem. When attendees were asked, on the PA system, to "welcome" these migrants, they were met with a chorus of boos. I guess Manning had something right with his observation about the "common sense of the common people" - no matter the official propaganda from the government-controlled media.

One last item of note is that women at this game were confronted with groups of these Moslem migrants cornering them and growling suggestively at them. HOW LONG will it be until the epidemic of rape that Europe is experiencing will begin over here in Canada?

Please realize that I actually I love Muslims as much as I hate Islam. So, if they are fleeing countries that Islam has destroyed, let them flee from Islam itself - instead of bringing it to our country.


A story about young Muslim migrants in German schools terrorizing their German classmates and teachers

Parents worried over schoolkid's brutality at Chebucto Heights Elementary School
Published April 8, 2016 - 8:01pm ... -story.pdf

HALIFAX — Concerned parents are reporting incidents of violence by refugee students at Chebucto Heights Elementary School. Reports of students choking, pushing, slapping and verbally abusing their fellow classmates are causing parents to worry about the school’s disciplinary action.

“There has always been some fighting and bickering going on at the school but never to this degree,” said Missy, the mother of two children who attend Chebucto Heights. She asked to be referred to by her nickname for this story.

Missy said her daughter, who is in Grade 3, was choked on Monday and Thursday last week by two refugee boys. A chain was used on both occasions, but she cannot confirm the size or strength of the chain. She said one boy yelled “Muslims rule the world” while choking her daughter.

School staff intervened, but to her knowledge, the students were not disciplined further. According to the Halifax Regional School Board, refugees began registering at Chebucto Heights, located in the Cowie Hill neighbourhood of Halifax, in mid-February.

School board spokesman Doug Hadley said, as of last week, there are currently 252 refugee students enrolled in the region, with another 71 waiting on settlement of permanent housing.

Missy’s son, who is in Grade 5, has also been the subject of rough play on the soccer field. During games, refugee students reportedly take their thumb and slide it across their neck from left to right while staring into the eyes of their competitor; imitating the slicing of the throat.

Missy said the school’s response to this and other on-field violence was to cancel intramurals and soccer. But cancelling of recreational activity is not beneficial to students like Missy’s son who has ADHD and relies heavily on physical activity.

“Soccer is what gets my son through the day,” she said.

When asked about the violence at Chebucto Heights, Hadley said he couldn’t confirm whether an individual student had been involved in any behaviour that broke the board’s code of conduct.

He said there’s no connection between the cancellation of extracurricular activities and any violent behaviour. “There's a term teacher at Chebucto Heights that is finished their term in the next week or so, and they just finished the unit on soccer,” he said. Intramurals will resume in May when the next term teacher begins.

Another mother, who asked not to be named, said her daughter was slapped after she and a classmate disagreed in the schoolyard. Her daughter reported the incident to her teacher.

“The school didn’t even call me to let me know.”

She called and left a message, but said no one has returned her call. She said her daughter begs not to go to school because of the persistent bullying.

A language barrier could be a factor. Many refugee families do not speak English and integrating students into a primarily English speaking environment is bound to cause a few problems.

Missy suggests having an interpreter on staff to help new students understand curriculum or the reason for disciplinary action. “I’m all for the transition,” said Missy.

“I just think there should be people in the school to help and guide them.”

The school board says there are currently 19.5 English as a second language teachers working in regional schools. “We have a long history of welcoming newcomers all over the world to Nova Scotia,” said Hadley. He encourages an open stream of communication between the school staff, students and parents.

“It doesn’t matter if the student is new to Canada or if they have been in school for many years in our system,” said Hadley. “Schools would address it no matter who the child is the same way.”
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