Harm reduction, another crime against Canada's taxpayer

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Harm reduction, another crime against Canada's taxpayer

Postby Bill Whatcott » Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:45 am

Brand new unopened needles and brand new unopened alcohol swabs are discarded in this Vancouver Downtown East Side alley, along with discarded uncapped used needles and other assorted garbage. This heap of garbage is but a tiny amount of the garbage that is strewn around Vancouver's back alleys and sidewalks daily. When I worked in the sanitation department I saw dozens of brand new needles still in their packages discarded and left in the alleys and lying on the city sidewalks every day, along with used, uncapped needles that posed a serious safety risk to sanitation workers and other members of the public who came into contact with them. With all of these free needles being handed out to junkies, it is worth noting low income seniors who are diabetic often are unable to get enough needles to make it to the end of the month as there is not enough money for their care. Socialism and its logical consequence.

Two junkies who seem absolutely oblivious to my presence. One appeared to be injecting something into her leg and the other was nodding and barely responsive when I asked him questions. Insite hands out free needles, touniquets and alcohol wipes out of a back window leading into this alley. Note the discarded needle wrappers and needles strewn around on the ground around these two junkies. They are sitting appoximately 50-100 feet from Insite's window. Harm reduction advocates claim that by spending more tax money on supervised shooting galleries and by doing away with enforcement against illegal drug use you get less HIV, less discarded needles as junkies magically develop a social conscience and start putting their needles in sharps containers the way normal taxpayers do, and the advocates in the media of this approach claim the influx of thousands of addicts flocking to the Downtown East Side to receive all of the 'free stuff' and "non-judgmental" services actually saves taxpayers money in the long run and has no negative impact on neighbourhood crime. Of course even though "experts" claim all of the above claims is garbage.

Singapore is in the middle of the world's heroin triangle yet they only had one overdose death in 2011. Singapore doesn't spend billions on so-called harm reduction the way Canadians do, and they don't have used needles littering their streets the way Vancouver does either.

The cost of this amoral approach to drug addiction and prostitution is not insubstantial. Insite and these proposed two new government funded illegal drug shooting galleries is but a small portion of the cost we have to bear as a society for our tolerance of rampant addiction and anti-social behavior in Vancouver's East Side. I live in the area and see the paramedics coming down there every 15 minutes or so to get another junkie and take them to emergency. Given that this goes on 24/7, I am sure the use of paramedics and emergency rooms is running into the many multiple millions of tax dollars annually. Seniors are being neglected in Canada because we have no resources for them.

Then there is the cost of welfare and the operating costs of the multiple "harm reduction hotels" in the east side where the "public servants" who work the front desks courtesy of the taxpayer strike me as little more than pimps as they facilitate the open prostitution and drug dealing that has polluted these buildings. Then we can get into the city's sanitation services where every day and every night, 365 days a year, teams of municipal workers decend on the back alleys and sidewalks of Vancouver's east side picking up the needles, food wrappers, liquor bottles, used condoms, and Lord knows what else that is thrown on the sidewalks and tossed in the back alleys by the thousands of not very socially conscious junkies and hookers that are attacted to the east side neighbourhood by all the "free stuff" that is given to them. I worked for a month collecting the discarded garbage from the junkies in the East Side and our three man crew and garbage truck literally picked up tons of garbage every single day from the back alleys where the junkies have set up semi permanent camps.

The often repeated mantra is 'harm reduction saves lives. Perhaps the harm reduction approach will save a life thanks to a nurse or social worker being on site to administer an antidote for whatever it is the junkie is overdosing on. however in the long run this approach with the absense of any real punishment, enforcement or deterrence for the scourge of illegal drug trafficking is actually costing lives and ruining entire neighbourhoods. Whereas Singapore only had one heroin overdose death in 2011 out of a population of 5.6 million people, British Columbia has had 560 overdose deaths so far this year out of a population of 4.7 million people. It is also worth noting BC's overdose death rate this year is seven times the overdose mortality rate from 25 years ago when there was no harm reduction approach in British Columbia and when people actually went to jail (at least for a little while) when they were caught in possession of illegal drugs.

The cost of this so-called harm reduction experiment that left wing activists and social scientists tout as a "success" is billions of dollars annually and the return for law abiding citizens is not as great as the activists claim. Taxpayers have a right to object.

My suggestion is we should scrap this 'harm reduction" appoach, adopt Singapore's "harm prevention" approach and use the money spent on junkies and all of their related maladies to care for our seniors once again. We will likely yield much better results in terms of reducing overdose deaths and criminality by simply executing drug dealers. We should also put those caught in possession of small amounts of drugs into hard labour for a minimum of 2 years for a first offense and 7 years for a second offense.

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Bill Whatcott

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Two new DTES supervised injection sites a step closer to reality
'As of Sept. 30, 110 people have died of illicit drug overdoses in Vancouver'
By Karin Larsen, CBC News Posted: Oct 31, 2016
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-c ... -1.3129937

Vancouver's two new proposed supervised injection site have moved one step closer to reality.

Vancouver Coastal Health announced it has submitted applications to Health Canada for two locations on the Downtown Eastside — 528 Powell Street and 330 Heatley Street — seeking an exemption under Section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act which is necessary to operate such facilities.

Dr. Patricia ​Daly, Vancouver Coastal Health's chief medical health officer, says statistics highlight the need for the sites.

"This year, as of Sept. 30, 2016, 110 people have died of illicit drug overdoses in Vancouver," said Daly. "The majority of overdoses in Vancouver are in the city centre and the Downtown Eastside."

Both of the proposed sites already offer health and substance abuse services. If approved, the number of supervised injection sites in Vancouver would double to four.

The Dr. Peter Centre in Vancouver's West End has operated since 2002 but only received a Section 56 exemption earlier this year.

And Insite on Hastings Street has been in operation since 2003 but has become overwhelmed by the number of users walking in on a daily basis. That's why the two proposed sites are within walking distance of Insite.

An unsanctioned pop-up supervised injection tent has also started operating in a Downtown Eastside alley, run by volunteers who felt compelled to act in the wake of the ever-growing fentanyl and opioid crisis.

VCH says once the two new sites receive their exemptions, it will seek approval for more supervised injections services, including a women's-only location.

The Health Canada approval process is expected to take a number of months.
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