Vancouver's drug strategy a multi-billion dollar disaster

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Vancouver's drug strategy a multi-billion dollar disaster

Postby Bill Whatcott » Sat May 13, 2017 1:43 am

Drug prohibition doesn't work Canadian style. Our liberal judges insure it won't work, as our courts give "Charter Rights" to our drug traffickers and many of the traffickers get their cases thrown out when they are guilty on such grounds as "unreasonable search" and "racial profiling" or whatever other excuse the judge can come up with to let the trafficker go. Canadian drug users are not prosecuted at all, I have seen DTES users inject in full view of police and the police literally do nothing. The drug traffickers who do get prosecuted in Canada get sentences that are nothing close to a deterrent. If a country is going to wage a war on drugs Canadian style my advice is don't waste your time and taxpayer's money.

Singapore and Philippines style prohibition works amazingly well and does not take anything close to the billions of dollars worth of resources away from other needs as does Canada's multi-billion dollar "harm reduction" approach. Death for drug traffickers in both countries and hard labor (Singapore) and prison and eventually death if there is no improvement (Philippines) for drug users has led to almost total eradication of drug use in Singapore and a significant reduction of drug abuse to date in the Philippines.

I lived in Singapore in 2011 and during the entire year that I was there, there was only one heroin overdose death. Street crime was and is virtually non-existant in Singapore.

I lived in Philippines for a year in 2015 and visible drug users and street crime was a problem then. I left for a year and went back in December 2016. By then Duterte's war on drugs was 90 days old and I think the number of traffickers and incorrigible drug users who were killed was 3,000 or so. The Philippines is more poor and more lawless than Singapore, still I saw tangible success in Duterte's war on drugs. Street crime was becoming rare a mere 90 days into the war on drugs. 600,000 users and traffickers surrendered themselves to police and visible drug use was absolutely non-existant by December and like I said President Duterte's war on drugs was only 90 days old by then.

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Romans 13:3, 4

Overdosed junkie in a back alley in the notorious Vancouver Downtown East Side

Vancouver’s drug strategy has been a disaster. Be very wary of emulating it
Tristin Hopper
National Post
May 12, 2017

Last week, Edmonton city hall voted 10-1 in favour of building not just one “safe consumption” sites for drugs, but four of them — all within walking distance of one another in one of the city’s lowest-income urban districts.

The decision was made despite the fact that more than 80 per cent of Edmonton’s fentanyl-related overdoses are occurring in the suburbs — well beyond the reach of the new facilities. The move also ignores fervent pleas from locals, who claim that approving four drug consumption sites will be a death sentence for their already chaotic and drug-ridden neighbourhood.

And honestly, it’s hard to see how the locals are wrong. While the strategy of harm reduction can indeed save the lives of addicts in the short term, it can destroy communities if used in isolation.

These unhappy results can be seen a province away. Vancouver is into its second decade of dealing with an injected-drug crisis. The city has been concentrating more and more services in its Downtown Eastside. The result? Everything seems to be getting worse.

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