(Barf alert)Changing gender for life survival

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(Barf alert)Changing gender for life survival

Postby Tory_canuck » Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:14 am

http://www.reddeerexpress.com/express/e ... s-001.html

When do they ever stop whining???I wonder if "it" will ever pay for my eye exam and some reading glasses?It's getting very depressing not being able to read small print and having to squint to do so.I have to increase my screen to zoom to 125 percent so I don't have to strain my eyes..

Changing gender for life survival

Red Deer Express


Dana Moran knew as a six-year-old boy there was something different about how he felt about things.

“It’s just a feeling you get that things are not the way they should be.”

Born in High River and raised in Edmonton, Moran, who underwent sexual reassignment surgery in January of 2004 in Montreal, recalls not liking the typical games or activities other boys seemed to like. Moran was, however, drawn to what engaged girls. And as a youngster approaching adolescence, he continued to define himself more as a female.

Moran opted to dress as a girl and felt comfortable expressing himself that way.

Becoming a woman brought Moran to a place of self-acceptance she had never known before.

That’s why she’s concerned about the Government of Alberta’s decision to not pay for sexual reassignment surgery any longer. Moran says the costs of the procedure ranges from $15,000 to $80,000 depending on where it’s done. Also, woman to man surgery is considerably more expensive, she said.

But not covering the costs can spark a number of expenses down the road, she said, from increased psychiatric care to having a need for more medications to try and alter their thoughts and battle things like depression. Suicidal tendencies will also likely continue to be an issue.

The province will cover surgery for those who have been identified as needing it to a certain date, but new patients are out of luck. Reportedly, the move will save the province upwards of $700,000 per year. Moran said there are 46 individuals that are still eligible.

“The ones outside of those 46 are just devastated,” said Moran. “They’re going from crying a lot to talking suicide a lot.”

Howard May, a spokesperson for Alberta Health and Wellness, said stopping the funding simply boiled down to a budgetary decision. This past spring, the province went over expenses line by line to cut costs, he said.

Those who support keeping the costs covered point out the procedure addresses a medical issue called gender identification disorder.

Last year, Ontario announced payment for the procedure would be back in place a decade after delisting it. The province had lost human rights challenges on the issue.

“We don’t really know what Alberta is trying to do here because the case has just been through the courts (in Ontario), and they lost,” said Moran.

For Moran, now 57, life as she knew it before the sexual reassignment seems a distant memory. In her early 20s, she aggressively tried to build and solidify a masculine identity. Moran even married and fathered two sons.

But although Moran, a former government worker, was meeting society’s expectations of what she should be like, it was a miserable season. The marriage didn’t last and Moran was left to figure out the next step.

“I felt terrible. It was a period of getting up in the morning, and before I even got out of bed I’d be acting – pretending to be somebody I wasn’t.”

The thought of having sexual reassignment surgery surfaced in about 2002.

“I was counseling an awful lot of people who were confused about their gender identity and contemplating surgery,” she recalls. Those considering the surgery were constantly telling Moran how tough it was to get through the program. “I thought I’ll go see a specialist, get myself into the program and find out how hard it is.”

Moran saw an Edmonton specialist who was satisfied that Moran was eligible for reassignment. Beginning the process included counseling, hormonal therapy and living as a woman “24/7” for one year prior to the operation. Adjusting to the dramatic anatomical change wasn’t that hard. “Everything works down there,” she says with a laugh. There was some post-operative recovery time during the 10-day stay in Montreal, then she was home.

She also wants to clear away some misconceptions she’s come across. These include that transsexuals are always gay (Moran is straight), can be pedophiles and are just generally are up to no good, she says. “We’re just normal people. We just want to live our lives like you live yours. We bleed when we’re cut and shiver when we get cold.”

She has no regrets.

“I feel just great,” she said, adding she has good relationships with her sons and ex-wife. “I feel peaceful. I used to get frustrated and agitated quite regularly and I don’t anymore.”

Meanwhile, Moran volunteers at Turning Point, an office representing several social agencies. She also facilitates a Red Deer & Area Transgender Support Group twice each month.

“There’s always somebody here to talk to or we can point you in the right direction.”

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Re: (Barf alert)Changing gender for life survival

Postby Bill Whatcott » Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:25 am

But not covering the costs can spark a number of expenses down the road, she said, from increased psychiatric care to having a need for more medications to try and alter their thoughts and battle things like depression. Suicidal tendencies will also likely continue to be an issue.

The above problems along with the high risk homosexual lifestyle of most transexuals is not mitigated with surgery. Surgery can't change gender. All that is accomplished with so-called "sex reassignment surgery" is genital mutilation and cosmetic changes. This surgery is a great lie and it is a disgrace certain elements of the medical profession have been co-opted in going along with this deviance and medical malpractice.
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