Refugees coming from Lebanon, a look at big UN camp there

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Refugees coming from Lebanon, a look at big UN camp there

Postby Bill Whatcott » Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:40 pm

Sectarian fighters operating in the United Nation's Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp, which is the largest refugee camp in Lebanon and a likely source for many of Canada's Syrian refugees. After doing a little research I discovered the UN (who we are relying on for the initial screening of refugees) doesn't actually control the camp and nor does the Lebanese government. However, we can take comfort that United Nations Relief and Works Agency spokesperson Chris Gunness is able to issue firm statments like this one after Islamic combatants shot up and bombed his facilities: "UNRWA condemns any armed group that fails to respect its obligations under international law to protect civilians and to respect the inviolability of United Nations premises."

Dear Friends,

After doing a little research on the United Nation's operations in Lebanon's largest refugee camp, I am just not convinced we should feel comforted the UN is screening Syrian refugees coming to Canada to make sure they are "suitable" for our society....

I know this is not newsworthy in the estimation of the CBC, but I thought I would share this with you anyways.

Many of our Syrian refugees will be coming from Lebanon.

Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp is the largest United Nations refugee camp in Lebanon. It has over 100,000 refugees and around a third of them are Syrian refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

You might be interested to know regarding security matters in the camp, neither the UN, nor the Lebanese police, nor the military actually control the camp; nor do they control who goes in and out of the camp. It seems the UN and Lebanese army have a hands off policy when it comes to policing the camp, leaving the place relatively lawless and under the control of various armed factions.

The groups responsible for "policing" Ain al-Hilweh is Fatah, Hamas, some smaller Marxist militias and a handful of Jihadist groups such as the Islamic Mujahideen Movement and Jund al-Sham which is allied with Al Nusra and the Islamic State. The Islamic State and Al Nusra are said to have fighters and recruiters operating inside the camp. Islamic State and Al Nusra flags fly openly in Ain al-Hilweh, but Canadians expecting refugees from this camp can take heart that only 1/3 of the camp is formally under the control of "radical jihadists."

While the UN doesn't actually control the security situation of any part of the camp, "moderates" like Hamas and Fatah with their armed wing the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade control the other 2/3 of the camp. I guess Hamas and Fatah are better than Islamic State as they only murdered 1200 Israelis with their suicide bombings and shootings over the past couple decades. They also got carried away and killed eachother for awhile in a battle to control Gaza in 2007. Fatah and Hamas shot it out and killed over 100 of eachother's combatants and murdered dozens of civilians (including women and children). Hamas and Fatah operatives also got mad at eachother and took turns capturing eachother's members and tossing them off highrises. However, in Ain al-Hilweh they seem to get along well enough to share "security duties." I guess in the absence of any meaningful UN control of the camp, Hamas and Fatah could be counted on to give reliable background checks and character references to Canada Border Services for at least 2/3 of the camp. :icon_rolleyes:
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Re: Refugees coming from Lebanon, a look at big UN camp ther

Postby fathers4fairness » Sat Dec 19, 2015 2:57 pm

Well Bill - none of that is important - that's why its not mentioned!

What IS IMPORTANT is that we are a diverse, VERY open, diverse (sorry to repeat that - but its IMPORTANT) recently recovered Liberal multicultural nation - where nobody is more important than anyone else - certainly not existing citizens anyways.

Did I mention that we only became that on Oct 20 with the return to our Liberal "Dauphin" Trudeau ?

You forgot to mention that all applications from Refugees in the Hamas controlled Concentration Camps to other neighboring Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran etc - are also "fast-tracked" - RIGHT INTO THE GARBAGE CAN! (Haha - got ya didn't I? No, seriously those counties don't have sophisticated databases to check like the UN, America or Canada - so it takes a really, really long time to process applications when you have to track down next of kin and "question" them about their suitability to live in a murderous, totalitarian regime - cuz they don't just take anybody ya know? You need skills - like marksmanship, knife-handling experience and belt-bomb adjusting. Plus they need to check stone tablet records to see how far back your family has been dedicated to Mohamed - so this takes time.)

But don't worry everything will be just fine once this migration thing gets sorted out.

Enjoy your holidays - they may be your last :]
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