Russia bans major porn sites, western media unhappy

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Russia bans major porn sites, western media unhappy

Postby Bill Whatcott » Mon Sep 19, 2016 1:42 pm

Ted Bundy, admitted pornography played a major role in his murder spree. According to the Daily Mail
legalized porn is good as Ted being a regular user was likely a "feminist who supported abortion and
women in the workplace.

This "Conservative" UK newspaper neglects to mention in the article below the proven harm pornography is associated with, its prevalence amongst sex offenders, high rates of relationship failure and infidility amongst users, lack of control and sex addiction amongst heavy users. Studies have also shown porn use reduces a person's ability to empathise with victims of sexual violence and an increased willingness to engage in aberrant and high risk sexual activities. It seems kind of disingenuous the Daily Mail fails to mention the one Russian activist Nadya Tolokonnikova, who wants to be quoted in the story below criticizing the banning of Porn Hub by her government, is actually a member of a western Soros funded Punk Group called P---y Riot. Tolokonnikova is a sexual anarchist and convicted criminal.

Tolokonnivikova is indeed a criminal by any normal standard, and the fact Amnesty International made her a "political prisoner of the year" is a testament that Amnesty is no longer a credible human rights organization. It is worth noting Amnesty refuses to consider peaceful pro-lifers like Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner political prisoners when they are arrested and imprisoned for protesting on public sidewalks in front of abortuaries. However, Amnesty somehow thinks Tolokonnivikova's behaviour (copulating in a museum in front of women and children, ramming a chicken up her crotch in a supermarket in front of grossed out customers, French kissing an on duty female police officer without her consent, and storming an Orthodox Cathedral's alter while shouting obscenities and grabbing her crotch) is somehow legitimate political speech worthy of legal protection. At any rate look at the Daily Mail's article and consider their choice of a Russian spokesperson's credentials.

Russia's media is frequently accused of bias, and indeed it is sometimes biased; however compared to this example of western journalism it is light years better.

Bill Whatcott

Russia BANS two major porn sites and tells outraged users to 'meet someone in real life' instead
PUBLISHED: 19:26 GMT, 16 September 2016 | UPDATED: 00:47 GMT, 17 September 2016
Read more: ... z4KjD4tNPn

As of Tuesday, users in Russia are not able to access Pornhub and YouPorn
Message explains they've been blocked 'by decision of public authorities'
Users have taken to social media to express their outrage at the decision

Russia’s media watchdog has extended its crackdown on internet pornography, banning two of the biggest porn sites in the world.

As of Tuesday, Pornhub and YouPorn now redirect Russian visitors to a page that says they’ve been blocked ‘by decision of public authorities.’

In response to the outcry that has since ensued, the agency behind the move has reiterated advice issued on Twitter last year following the ban of 11 popular porn sites – telling disgruntled users to ‘meet someone in real life.’

According to the BBC, this decision stems from two separate court rulings which determined that the websites ‘spread pornography,’ acting against Russian laws against the ‘illegal production, dissemination, and advertisement of pornographic materials and objects.’

Pornhub has responded to the issue on social media with numerous witty remarks – and the government agency Roskomnadzor has not hesitated to fire a few clap backs of its own.

Writing to the agency, Pornhub tweeted, ‘if we give you guys a Pornhub Premium account, will you un ban Pornhub in Russia?'

In reply, Roskomnadzor wrote that they are ‘not in the market’ for the website’s services.

The Russian media regulator also reminded the internet of a post that they now say is ‘still relevant,’ retweeting a 2015 response to a Twitter user in which it suggested they ‘meet someone in real life,’ as an alternative to browsing pornography websites.

Fans of the popular sites now banned by the government also took to social media, expressing their frustration at the decision.

Russian activist Nadya Tolokonnikova quipped that the block is a ‘blow below the belt.’

The research used data from a large-scale study, which interviewed more than 24,000 randomly selected people across the US between 1975 and 2010.
Of the total who said they used pornography - based on the question 'have you watched an X-rated film in the last year?' - more than half (56 per cent) were female and 53 per cent identified themselves to be married.
People who admitted using pornography had more egalitarian views towards a number of women's issues, including in their attitudes towards abortion, women in the workplace and women in positions of power.
When it came to men, the biggest differences between users and non-users were in their views of women in power and abortion, with those who used pornography showing more positive attitudes.
The same was true for women who admitted using pornography.

This link inserted by Bill Whatcott is to Psychologist Ana Bridges' research that chronicles evidence showing women exposed to pornography exhibit lower self esteem and are at higher risk of engaging in promiscuous and risky sexual behaviours such as group sex and sodomy. Dr Bridges finds men who use pornography have less empathy towards women and display a greater tolerance of sexual violence towards women: ... nships.pdf

This isn’t the first time Russia has banned popular websites, according to RT.

Along with the 11 porn sites blocked last year, temporary bans have also affected Wikipedia, Apple's iCloud, and YouTube.
But, all hope might not be lost yet for users looking to access adult content on Pornhub.

To the relief of many fans, the website has shared an address that it claims is not blocked.

In response to this, one user tweeted, ‘this awkward moment, when Pornhub cares about you more than your government does.’
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Re: Russia bans major porn sites, western media unhappy

Postby evolution8 » Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:43 pm

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